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Jamaica Farewell

I weep for a Country that once was the Jewel of the Caribbean

Whose People proudly walked the Island shores

The Motto "out of many one People"

I weep for its Children who now have no future

I see the dismal light shining through orbs

Now dead

No compassion for their fellow Man

No job, no leadership no future

The eyes that once beheld bounty, feast, and prospects

Robbed of youth vigor, and vitality

By adults who care little and will rape and pillage as easily as breathing

"There's no place like home", "There's no place like home"

"There's no place like home"

Home is indeed where the heart is but you can never go home

Jamaica is my place of birth

With its beautiful blue shores

Its unique vegetation and fruits

Its beautiful meandering rivers where crawfish, janga, mudfish, make their home

It's People a diverse blend of differing cultures

Have now lost their appeal

I am saddened by the thought that I can and never will again go home

Don't look for me in the Springtime, Summer, or Autumn

I won't be coming home

Written in 2012- Reading an article on the crime spree that seemed to be a new and continued way of life on the Island. Young People will never know the joy that once was the purity despite the economic difficulties. We really started to see a different Jamaica in the late 80"s.

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