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Jacob's Story in Philadelphia


Chapter 1: A lost boy

It was a cold day for a young boy named Jacob. He was lost in Philadelphia after his parents were killed in a gun crime. Alone on the streets, Jacob was in a hopeless place. He met a man of fair skin, black jeans, a white shirt, silver hair and a red trench coat. His name is Dante. "Hey, kid. Are you lost? Come with me. I got plenty of friends at my place. I'll get all of us some hotdogs. I'm Dante. 18 years old. What's your name?", Dante says as he introduces himself to Jacob. "Jacob. I'm 9 years old.", Jacob responds to Dante. As they take a cab ride, they meet someone new. "Dopinder.", the cab driver says. "Dante.", Dante responds. "Well, I'm just going to try to pass a few minutes by talking to you, Dopinder. See, I'm heading home to see my friends and today I met my buddy Jacob, who's alone. I heard about it. Local story. Parents died in a gun crime.", Dante explains to Dopinder. "Aw, that's so sad. Hopefully, you and your friends take good care of him. My great uncle died of air pollution back in Delhi. Pollution over there is so horrible that most bird species are partially extinct. After he died on the streets from pollution, a group of lost street dogs showed up and with their teeth, they gutted him like a tandoori fish.", Dopinder says to Dante in a sad Indian accent. "Oh, we're here! I hope I see you again, Dopinder", Dante says as they arrive. As Dante and Jacob head into their shack, Dante's friends introduce themselves to Jacob. "Hi, I'm Amore Vergara. I like some Adventure.", the Mocha colored brunette said as she introduced herself. "I'm Tito Ceja. I like being crazy and all that, you know, man.", a fair skinned, black haired guy said in a Mexican accent. "Bryan Fusco.", said a guy of fair skin and brown hair. "Ramond". "Anyway, I got us all some hot dogs from the street vendor.", Dante said. "Oh, Tortelineus! This looks so good!", Bryan said to himself. A man of fair skin and a partially bald head shows up. His name is Fender. He is the leader of the gang who takes care of Dante, Amore, Tito, Bryan, and Ramond.

Chapter 2: Conflict Ahead

A criminal named Don Lino is after Fender and his friends. "Hey, Fend. You owe me $5,000. Give it to me in 1 month, or my Dobies will bite you so hard you contract mouth cancer and cardiac arrest.", he said as he was standing next to his 2 Dobermen and then left. "Not good. We need to find a way to get money for ourselves. You folks go, I'll stay here.", Fender tells the gang. Ramond decides to play dead in front of a car, which has the driver leave, while Jacob and Tito get in the car, trying to steal keys and a wallet, but Tito gets electrocuted and falls out, while the girl and the man have noticed Jacob and decide to adopt him, taking him in their limousine. "Tito, you were supposed to keep an eye on him!", Amore said to Tito. "Yeah, well... it's hard to watch him when you're getting barbequed, man!", Tito responded. "We should go after them and get Jacob back.", Dante told his friends.

Chapter 3: Jacob's new home

Jacob had just been adopted by the Benitez family, a rich family from Cuba. The parents have been away for a business trip, leaving their 17-year-old model daughter MiReina and their 9-year-old daughter Alize with their butler known by the name of Chef Pee Pee. Now, they have adopted Jacob. The first black in their family. "And who are you?", MiReina said when she saw Jacob in the kitchen. "I'm your new brother, and adding an interracial twist to your family. You and your sister are brown with a fair butler, so why can't you have a black brother?", Jacob responded. "Wait a minute. When were you adopted? Do NOT steal my popularity. I am an 8-time teen model winner, boy! Don't mess with me!", MiReina responded. Dante and his gang had just arrived at the Benitez mansion. "Ok, here's the plan. Bryan, you ring the doorbell, and when he's distracted and turns around (heading back inside), we head inside. Where I'll then get Jacob, then we escape through the window, where there is a ladder.", Dante tells his friends. The plan to fool Chef Pee Pee works and they view the luxury that the Benitez family can afford. "Ey, man. Check it out. If this is torture, chain me to the wall.", Tito says as he grabs a chillum of cannabis. "Tito, stay focused!", Dante tells Tito. The team heads upstairs and as MiReina is putting on her makeup, she sees Dante behind her in the mirror. "What do you want? Are you an obsessive stalker fanboy of me? 8-time teen model winner!", MiReina says to Dante. "It's not you I'm after.", Dante responds. "It's not? Well, why not? I'm so fabulous!", MiReina responds. "I'm looking for my boy Jacob.", Dante responds. "Oh, he's my new adoptive brother. Bedroom next door.", MiReina responds. "Hey, baby. Here's something to remember me by.", Tito says as he tries to kiss MiReina. MiReina responds by slapping him. "Ooh, I think she likes me.", Tito says in a dizzy voice. "Guys, let's get out of here before Chef Pee Pee catches us!", Brian responds. They escape by jumping out the window. "No, why are we going?", Jacob responds. "They captured you!", Dante responds. "No, they adopted me! I like it there.", Jacob tells Dante. "We need you to help us, Jacob.", Amore says.

Chapter 4: The Return of Don Lino

"Hey, Fender. You forgot my $5,000. But, I changed my mind. I thought it was evil to have Dobermans eat you, and my heart changed. Come on with me to the Subway. I have a surprise I want to show you.", Don Lino tells Fender. Fender meets up with Don Lino at the Subway, but Don Lino leaves and a train shows up. "Oh, no. He was lying. He just wanted to kill me in a darker way.", Fender thought to himself. "We got to help him. I got a plan! I'll get on the Subway, and when it gets close enough to Fender, pull to switch to stop the bus.", Jacob says. "Go get em', tiger!", Amore tells Jacob. Jacob sneaks onto the train by hiding under seats and slowly crawling through, until he reaches the back, and then sees Fender out the window. Jacob pulls the switch, and the passengers thank Jacob for saving a guy from getting hit. "I know everything that happened! A guy named Don Lino tricked my friend Fender into coming here because Fender owed Lino $5,000. I had to save him!", Jacob said. "Well, you did a good job, boy.", a cop tells Jacob. Back at the Benitez mansion, Jacob moves back in, and Chef Pee Pee makes a fruit salad for Fender. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang are in the living room while Tito's in the backyard smoking a chillum. "Hey, Amore. I wanted to tell you something. We have good times together. That, and I think you're pretty with good fashion sense. You want to go on a date to an Italian restaurant?", Dante tells Amore. "Dante Claudius Tribbiani, I would love to.", Amore responds and hugs Dante. Meanwhile, Tito has something to say to MiReina. "MiReina Carolina Benitez, would you like to go to Valle Luna with me?", Tito asks MiReina for a date. "Francisco Michelangelo Ceja, give me a good reason not to.", MiReina responds.

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