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It’s Hard to Be a Fairy (Poem)


It’s hard to be a fairy now-a-days

You’d wet your socks to know how low it pays

We dare not even think about a raise

Wet socks downstream won’t garnish any praise


You grant a wish that covers so much more

They’re richer, better, brighter than before

Since when did we need warranties galore

That magic carpet will not scratch your floor


It doesn’t matter what the size of tooth

I only pay a dollar that’s the truth

You got your car ungrateful little youth

I still have some more dollars so be couth


There was this guy who asked me for the power

To stop all time for just one half an hour

To find out why you only have to scour

He wanted pictures of you in the shower


The worst part of this fairy job of mine

Is everything we say it has to rhyme

And what would happen if we stopped one time

Let’s see…

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