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It's Midnight


It’s nearly midnight and I can hear discreet noises outside my room.

Rain is pouring outside the window. Right now, I am hiding under the safety of the covers in my bed, too scared to even properly breath, let alone move an inch. The noises have been going on for about ten minutes. I mostly hear just whispering, but there were a few footsteps that I heard too.

All of a sudden, a thunder’s scream breaks out loudly into the night. Underneath the covers, my heart jumps. I close my eyes shut and hug my knees closer to me. Okay, that was just thunder, definitely nothing scary about that, I think to myself, try to go to sleep now.

After another ten minutes, I still haven’t fallen asleep. The whispers haven’t stopped yet. In fact, they’ve only grown a little bit louder. They aren’t whispering anymore; they’re talking. I think about calling for someone. But who would I call? Everyone I know is probably already sleeping. How about I just call the police? There could actually be serial killers outside my room right now.

With my heart racing, I take a deep breath and slowly lift up my cover. I see my phone on the top of the drawer and reach for it. I tap in my password, dial 911 and then hit the “call” button, my fingers feeling cold and numb against the screen. I press my phone to my ear and wait. On the second ring, a woman picks up. I tell her about the voices outside my room and where I am located. She tells me to stay put and to stay on the phone with her until a couple of local policemen arrive at my house. I tell her that I would. Glancing at the digital clock beside my bed, I see the time turn to 12:00 am. It’s midnight.

Then the door unexpectedly opens. I freeze. The first thing that catches my attention is the light coming from the candles. Next, I see a cake. Then, I see a bunch of people emerge from the doorway, all singing “happy birthday to you” in unison. They are all people that I know. And then it hit me- it’s my birthday today.

“Happy birthday, Jasmine!” everyone says to me in unison. I slowly put down my phone.

“Uh, thanks,” was all I could say.

“We thought you were asleep,” my mother comes forward with the cake.

“I thought you guys were murderers, “ I nervously laugh.

Then they all close in around me. Some greet me with a kiss on my cheek. My father gives me a bouquet of flowers. I thank them all, each one of them, for coming to surprise me on my birthday and nearly giving me a heart attack. In a few minutes, a couple of cops will be arriving at my house, and then it would be my time to give them a surprise.