It's Me All About Me

Updated on September 25, 2017

We Have All Met Those People

Life revolves around them

What they do and say

If anyone else has another opinion

God forbid

They suddenly turn the tables around

They want to make us feel insecure and bad for expressing ourselves

Meanwhile the whole time they can go on and on about them

I get it

So your better than sliced bread

You catch on quickly

You were the brightest in your class

Well good for you

I am not stealing your thunder

Just explain your position

In simple terms

So I can understand

I know you always have to come first

You are use to being the top of everything

Well in my world

It's all together different

Maybe you can take a few minutes of your precious time

Let me explain the way I think and act

I often have to think long and hard before I do anything

I listen before I speak

It takes me awhile to gather my thoughts

I just don't talk out of the gate

When I wake up in the morning

It takes me awhile just to function

I often see you sound off

You curse and complain until you get your way

Well I am not that out spoken and quite shy

If things aren't going well

I will probably suffer through it

Not swear my head off

The funny thing is you end up figuring it out

Where I need help from someone else

Then I am so happy to get it fixed or done

I will do anything for anyone

Where you get to be so obnoxious and say

What took me so long

It was a computer error

Not me at all

You curse some more

This is so f.... slow

Je...... Ch.....

I don't think that is nice or right

Now I hear you say that is done

I wish I had your talent or skill

The truth is I don't

I will continue to do my personal best

I stopped comparing myself to other people long time ago

It only got me more aggravated and frustrated

For no reason

No matter how good everyone else continues to do

I some how fall behind in the pack

Each day I say this will be the day

It all comes together

Then soon this day passes

Then I begin the next day with the same positive attitude and persistence

I know I play catch up

I know it didn't work out as I planned

Not perfect

Not wonderful

It is my life

My day to enjoy it just the same

So as I type and make some errors here too

I want to let you know

I have my sights set farther than you

I know my thoughts

I have more drive

More of a lot of things

Including patience

What I don't have is your knowledge

Well if you are ever in my side of town

Look me up

I will take you around

Show you the ropes

Because I don't hold grudges

I don't have an ego

I will forget what you have done

I will also forget most of what you say

I will remember

I woke up this morning and raised my arms high in the sky

Saying with incredible praise

Thank you God for this wonderful day

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      • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

        DREAM ON 

        2 years ago

        Gypsy Rose Lee It is easy to get down and hard to think of a way out. In life we have many highs and lows. The highs remind us how wonderful life is. The lows are tough and we struggle but we can find a way through this rough patches if we keep an open mind and love in our heart. You can find comfort in help from friends because I am sure many people have gone through with what you are dealing with and might have good advice and support. Thank y0u for reading and sharing.

      • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

        DREAM ON 

        2 years ago

        Marlene Bertrand Every day I work , sleep, dream and do all I can to make my day enjoyable, fun, exciting for me and everyone I know. Some days go well and other days need more tender loving care.(lol) What makes it more fun is having friends who I can share my highs and lows. Thank you so much for reading and sharing. Have a wonderful day.

      • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

        Gypsy Rose Lee 

        2 years ago from Daytona Beach, Florida

        No matter how hard some morning are I always say a morning prayer thanking the Lord for another day and the blessings I have been given.

      • MarleneB profile image

        Marlene Bertrand 

        2 years ago from USA

        Me too! I don't hold grudges. Life is too short to hold on to "stuff." I enjoyed this poem a lot and I thank God for each and every day that I have to live again in His wonderfulness.

      • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

        DREAM ON 

        2 years ago

        Billy Buc I think this new generation has only one thing on their mind. They are the center of the universe and everyone else lives to serve them. Well the truth is... they come from a different planet and one day we can build a ship and send them back to where they belong. Thank you for reading and sharing. I hope we don't follow the old saying If you can't beat them join them. Life is too short. Half of their day must be seeing who they believe to be the best of the best. What they don't realize we out number them eighty to one. Have a lovely night.

      • billybuc profile image

        Bill Holland 

        2 years ago from Olympia, WA

        There are too many truths in this one poem to list...great job, I'm with you all the way. Want to know what is my personal pet peeve? Selfies! I have friends on Facebook who post pictures of just themselves daily. Really? Daily? How do they find that much fascination in their own face? LOL


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