It is My Life, Not Yours

Updated on June 11, 2017

Do you know what it is like to be surrounded by people but still feel alone?

Tear drops hit the table’s glass.

I exhale, look up, and wait.

I know a parent’s love is for the best,

But how can you tell me to leave my desires in the past?

I am not you, mom, I can never be you.

Chuckling, I narrow my eyes and step forward.

This is my life, and I hate feeling so blue.

I hate envying others who are free to be themselves,

But here you are trying to keep me on a leash,

Your little pet that dances at your command.

I can still hear your ear-splitting reprimand.

Maybe I’m different, maybe I wasn’t meant to be the splitting image of you.

Maybe I have a purpose that you may never know.

I have a reason to be different.


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    • threekeys profile image

      Threekeys 10 months ago from Australia

      You've got nothing to lose-only gain, Aristotle. Take care.

    • Aristotle Junior profile image

      Aristotle Wilson 10 months ago from Vancouver

      @ThreeKeys thanks so much for that comment. As for finding ways to reassure her, that will take a lot of convincing, but I will do my best. Thanks for the advice, much appreciated :)

    • threekeys profile image

      Threekeys 10 months ago from Australia

      Being a child of a parent will be the longest relationship you will experience and have. It can also be one of the most difficult. Fortunately or unfortunately, while you live under the same roof as your mum, her rules and ways stand. Some parents do, give and take, and some parents rule with an authouritarian fist.

      Maybe if you wrote down the pros and cons of what you are learning from your mum, either in a constructive way or destructive way, and then be who you are with your friends. I know it isn't easy or likeable when there is a tight leash. Maybe, your mum is an insecure person and has a great need to be reassured about you, and things in general? Then see if you can find ways you can reassure her, so she won't focus overly on you.

      Nice poem.