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Is Lonely Only a Word?


Is your heart isolated floating in tears to a deserted island of a haunted bygone lover? Do you wake in a cold bed without a warm body snuggled with you? Does the echo of his deep voice still ricochet off your heart?

His scent lingered on his pillow. You cuddled with it nightly as sleep evaded your hungry heart. Tears inundated your face through the night. In the twilight the ghosts danced in your dreams of him as his hands tangled in your long hair during love making. Sated--he always kissed each finger, then, he held your hand while he slept.

Is lonely only a word or do you feel the painful wounds as if your heart bled without the redness of blood—only cries from a broken heart peppered your unfulfilled dreams.

The dawn Angel paints light across the trees making shadows appear like the gloominess in your soul. Only joy of love could push away the misery surrounding your body and spirit.

Only time--they say--will heal a broken heart—I wonder she thought who in the Hell is they? Friends tell her to move on---it is time for another love in your life.

Whispers in the wind on her morning walks in the woods—seeking solitude with the birds and wild animals—his silent words reach her heart—Sweetheart, don’t be lonely find another to make you happy—until we meet again in the spirit world.

Sadness left her heart that morning---a new light of day shined for her---she was now ready to move on to find happiness again.

Never Knew Lonely

© 2022 Barbara Purvis Hunter

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