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Is It Going To Rain Again?

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Is It Going To Rain Again?

It was a dark frosty morning,she was going on the same path that was usually her routine. She took fast strides towards her destination. The wind was so cold that she felt it in her bones,she looked here and there to see if someone was following her but to her surprise there was not even a single human being in sight. She finally took the final turn and reached a building at the far end of the road,cautious enough to not make a sound she turned the handle of the door and entered the building,it was pitched dark inside,she took out the torch from her pocket and made her way at the far end of the room,the room she was in,seemed to be a library with a lot of book shelves. At the far end of the library she sat down in front of the woman who was covered in a blanket,she picked out food and water from her bag and gave it to the old woman,as if she was waiting for the meal took it from the girl and ate it,the girl watched her teary eyed but said nothing until she finished the meal,the girl noticed that the wound on the woman's arm was still there,she finally found the courage to ask that woman the question she wanted to ask all this while,how did this happened?pointing to her arm the girl asked the woman.

"This one?",the woman replied.

"Yes"! the girl was curious to know.

"It was a long time back,when the attacks happened,everyone was running for their lives,there was chaos and blood shed and corpses of people within no time,I was lucky enough to get out of there alive."

The girl wanted her to continue,the old woman took a pause as if she was recalling the memories,"I ran as fast as I could for my life and never looked back." A tear fell down from her eye. The girl noticed that how vulnerable the woman looked,the wrinkles on her face were visible and she looked tired. The woman no longer able to sit rested her head on the sheets and closed her eyes. The girl watched her,then looked around the room which gave glimpse of the destruction that had sat his foot on the soil she called home,and she thought to herself;will I ever be able to survive and fight for long like this old woman? For how long this fight will last?Is the sun ever going to shine again?Is it going to rain again on this barren land?

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