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Is God Justified When He Kills People?

Clive Williams is an internet researcher and writer on many genres. He has a BSc. Degree in Information Systems.

God Stomping Human

God Stomping Human

Who is God?

God. A being which humans have said to be the alpha and the omega. The entity of entities. That which is the 'I am.' Mankind hope of a supernatural force which sits above the clouds watching the lives of billions of people infesting the Earth of animals with their mind filled with muck. God is the force of creation which can never be explained.

What Does God Want?

This is a question no one has the answer to since no one has met up with the force and have spoken with the force which is God. But I am quite sure if you ask some religious fanatics they will tell you that 'God' has spoken to them and God wants this to happen and God wants that to happen and if we don't let this happen God will destroy East, West, North and South. I have never heard a more threatening God in all my minuscule existence.

Basically what God has told these set of people is that do as I say and continue suffering on Earth, don't do as I say and burn in hell for eternity. That sure is a good way to show your subjects love. Is it just me or many of the stories we read in the Bible about God and people are just downright bullshit. Come now, use the common sense that God gave you or didn't gave you as we examine a few biblical stories to see what God really wants and is he Justified to kill all these people.

Egyptians Being Killed by God

Egyptians Being Killed by God

Story1 - Egyptians enslavement of Israelite

This story has more holes than Swiss cheese. So the Egyptians captured, bought and made slaves of Israelites who were always 'God's Chosen People.' They beat them, fed them poorly for decades and allowed them to build their cities and create monuments of Egypt and the king Pharaoh. Remember, these people did not become slaves overnight. Many were born into the slavery and became properties of Egypt. Much like how the blacks were slaves in Europe for so long that generations were born into it and became properties of the evil slave owners. The Israelite were slaves to Egypt for hundreds of years, not days, weeks, month or decades, but hundreds of years. Remember, these are God's children we are still talking about. So God loves his children so much that he allows them to become slaves to a nation that was living quite well and prosperous under an evil Pharaoh?

Then this is where the story gets even holier. Moses, an adopted Egyptian who is really an Israelite was put in charge to help build Pharaohs statue and saw how the people were living and felt sorry for them. He asked pharaoh to release the slaves and of course pharaoh laughed at him. After that he and God linked up to do magic in front of Pharaoh to convince him to let the Israelite's go. Then Pharaoh said no again and continued to capitalize on free labor. Then God led Moses to perform a whole host of fanatics to scare the hell out of Pharaoh to let his people go. All these fanatics should not have been needed by God. Fanatics such as river turning into blood, Bugs flying around in millions, staff turning into snakes and of course, the killing of innocent babies. So Pharaoh son died and he cried like a wuss and decided to free the slaves. Then he changed his mind and rode after the slaves them while they were crossing the sea. Pharaoh decided to follow suite and God allowed the sea to take back its path and drown the Egyptians..

This is just a damn good story if you ask me. Nothing else. So God killed the little children who had no clue what the heck was going on instead of killing all grown men or all Egyptian soldiers and even the Pharaoh?.He decides to kill the first born of every Egyptian family. Now a thinking human would say hmmm, God really has things twisted. Why go through all this torture with all this power? Why were the Israelite who are so called God' people slaves in the First place? I can tell you this and i think I speak for all well thinking people. If I had a set of people who I considered my own. I seriously doubt I would allow them to become slaves for centuries in a foreign land.I would simply punish them in their own lands and let them work in their own lands to rebuild from any mistakes they made.

Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark

2. Noah's Cruel Ark

Have you ever read the story about Noah's Ark and the flood that wiped out 'All' of mankind? This is another episode which God has decided that his own creation has gotten so corrupt that only Noah, his family and a couple animals were good enough to be saved. So God was displeased with all the nasty stuff going on on Earth. Much like what we see happening today, Pedophilia, lust, vanity worshiping, killing of blacks by cops and the system and everything else society loves.

God was just going to kill em all and get it over with, but he saw that Noah was a good man from all the other millions that lived on the Earth and told him to go build a Titanic of a Ship to house he and his family and pairs of all animals. Noah coached the people to come in his bigger than world ship but the story says all laughed and mocked him. So Noah goes in and shuts his ship door and God starts pouring down water from the firmament unto the happy go lucky laughy heads. Even the babies who never knew what was happening was drowned, when all they wanted was breast milk.

Millions of animals were killed, because all God wanted was a pair of each to start a new beginning. The only animals that withstood the wrath of God was fishes. Fishes simply swam around adoring the enormous amount of water which was given to them. I am sure that the sharks and other meat eating sea creatures had a ball with the flooding of the earth.

Is it that God, the entity in itself loves suffering, agony and anguish? With all the powers in anything and everything. Why not just simply command the soul out of all beings and let them just pass on peacefully? Why the screaming, drowning and anguish? Are these killings really justified by God?

God Killing Soddom and Gommarah

God Killing Soddom and Gommarah

3. Soddom and Gommorah Killed

This is another popular tale within the Bible about 'God' pouring down his wrath on the City of Sodom and Gomorrah. Why? It was a big stink hole according to the Bible. You had Fornication, prostitution, gambling, idol worshiping, homosexuality, killings, beatings corrupt officials. Sounds like Vegas right? But in all this big ball of puke, God found favor with a one Mr. Lot who he commanded to flee the city before sunrise.

God told him to go hide in the mountains and Lot said, "If i go up there, I will be caught in the line of fire. I think the nearby city of Zoar is a better idea." and God said, very well, Zoar it is. So at that point, Lot out thinked God! So Lot and his lot traveled to Zoar. God told Lot and his family to never look back at him killing the city else he and his family will turn to salt! God then began raining down fire on Sodom and Gomorrah.

Then as the people began burning and the anguish and screams of death echoed in the wind, Lot's wife looked back and turned into a living high blood pressure. She was turned into a pillow of salt. I have no idea why God chose salt and not simply turned her into a beautiful tree or a dove. But I guess salt was scarce in those times and the more people you turned salt, the more salt is available on the market.

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