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Into The Ground

Nazmun loves writing and watching movie and reading books. Now she wants to take a break and write for Hubpages.

This is a fiction story with a little bit of sad and other emotion. What happens when earth is collapsed by the frequent strong earthquakes?

Many earthquakes started in the world. Not a weak earthquake. Strong earthquake has been happening. Catch cracks in the ground. Everyone thinks that if there are frequent earthquakes and the ground breaks, everything will go under the ground. Earthquakes cannot be controlled. Natural disasters happen. Everyone was terrified when the Eiffel Tower in Paris collapsed and fell into the ground. Moreover, many bridges in different countries are broken and submerged in water. As a result, many accidents happened and many died. No country can help another country. Because there is so much damage in the homeland, no one can help anyone. The building collapsed. The cries of children who have lost their parents are being heard. There are cries and shocking images of earthquakes all over the media. Parents who lose their children become frustrated with their lives. The sound of tears bursting filled the surroundings. Sometimes there are earthquakes. The strongest and most powerful earthquake occurs at night. So no one sleeps at night. The cries and wails of the people can be heard even at night. All places have been stained with blood. The pungent smell of corpses everywhere. This smell makes you feel sick and want to vomit. In these pains human began to call for the Creator to have mercy on them. These are the ones who once forgot creator and called the Creator a fake. But now they are in danger, day and night, all the time just asking for help. In such a difficult situation, there is no one beside them except the Creator. Only God can help them. The world was reaching the heights of development. But the Creator was being erased from their minds. Just then a terrible earthquake started which no one has the power to control. Every time it comes like a monster and takes away everything from the people.

Broken building

Broken building

There is a shortage of food and water to drink. People fight with people for this food and water. But once people wasted food and water. They are the people who eat some food and throw away the rest. They would waste some water by drinking some water. They are the people who show no kindness to animals and nature. Look at the irony of fate, people who consider themselves strong are now helpless and seek help from the Creator. Hmm, these are the ones who used to kill animals unjustly, now they are dying in the aftermath of the earthquake. How does it feel to lose a loved one? Why don't you smell the corpse now?

Now why are you running around for a little food and water?

The appearance of the whole earth changed in just a few days. The world is not what it used to be. There were human corpses everywhere and as many buildings, roads and bridges were broken all over now. There are only a few people alive now because they hoped to survive. Among them is a 12-year-old boy and his younger sister whose mother told him before she died, "You have to live. Don't die at all. If there are two people alive on this earth, they have to be you."

Next to the mother's body was the father's body. Two-year-old sister Eva doesn't understand anything. She does not understand that he has become an orphan. But her brother Aiden cries, holding his parents' bloody head to his chest with both hands, and cries out, "O Allah, give me patience. Let a little man like me handle this situation. O Allah, give me courage. Give my sister courage."

Water bottle

Water bottle

It should be noted that although the whole world laughed at the Creator, some people still had the Creator in their minds. Aiden was the only one in Aiden's family who believed in Allah. Eva doesn't understand any of this. Aiden had a Quran Sharif which he often read. His mind is always on the Creator. Aiden realizes that he must abandon his love for his parents and his love for his homeland and move on to the unknown. It is difficult to find any food here. His hunger is somehow tolerated but when Eva cries Aiden can't bear it. He wants to bring food for Eve at any cost.

Aiden takes Eva in his arms and walks towards the unknown. There are no people. Seeing dirty bread on the side of the road. He ran to it and saw two old loaves of bread. The bread is spoiled. There is dirt , dust and sand. The old bread has got fungus over it. Yet Aiden is very happy to see it. Eva stopped her crying. Aiden has not eaten for five days. Eva satisfies her hunger by eating whatever Aiden can find and bring for her. Yet those don't completely satisfy hunger. Aiden is very happy to get these two loaves of bread. Realizing this, he will be able to eat. Aiden takes Eva down from his lap and cleans the loaves with his hands. Shakes. The dirt is cleaned by rubbing it with Aiden's shirt. Trying to get rid of the fungus with a pinch. Then he tore the bread and fed it to Eva. Eva was crying for so long in hunger. Now she is eating spoiled bread with great fun. Aiden halves his share of bread. He keeps a portion for Eva so that he can give bread to Eva if she is hungry. He eats the other portion.

Devastated World

Devastated World

Aiden's head began to spin in the intense heat of the sun. Meanwhile, Eva does not want to walk. So Aiden has to walk with her in his arms. If it is night, they will not be able to find their way in the pitch dark. But today it seems that the moon will rise in the sky. Maybe the path can be seen in the moonlight. After thinking about it, Aiden enters a broken room. After putting Eva to sleep at that place, he also fell asleep.

He goes to the world of dreams. Where he can see the world is as beautiful as before. People are living in peace again. He sees a smile on Eva's face. Eva is smiling a lot. Then he saw an unfamiliar face. Then he woke up. The whole body used to ache before sleeping on the rocks. But now it has come to an end. Adapted with difficulty. The evening came down. Darkness is all around. Today the stars have really risen in the sky, the bright moon has risen. He misbehaves and caresses Eva. They walk again for unknown purposes.

After walking a long way, Aiden gets tired and sits on a broken wall. Eva also sits there. Aiden holds Eva close to his chest and says, "Oh Allah, is there no one else on this earth?"

Broken Walls

Broken Walls

With a sigh, Aiden looks up at the sky with a tired look. What a huge sky! There are so many stars! Beautiful moon! Aiden goes to get bread out of his pocket to feed Eva. But Eva wants to drop her short legs and pick up a stone nearby. There is not enough energy in her body to lift the stone. Seeing this, Aiden thought Eva was doing mischief. When Aiden came and took Eva in his arms, he realized why Eva wanted to pick up the stone. In fact, there was a humming sound coming from under the rock which Eva could hear. Hearing the sound, Aiden took Eva down from his lap and picked up the stone himself.

Heavy stone. So it was difficult to lift. Aiden finds a little girl under the rock. This girl is two or three years younger than Aiden. Aiden picks up the girl. The girl wants water from Aiden but Aiden does not get enough water to drink. Where will he find water to bring for the girl? The girl fell asleep without drinking water. Eva can't speak well,yet she said, "She's dead, she's dead."

"No, not dead. Lost consciousness or fell asleep."

"Brother, get some water. She will drink water."

"There is no water."


Aiden is surprised. He puts his hand on Eva's cheek and says, "Eva, aren't you hungry? What will you eat if I give her the bread?"

"I would rather not eat."

"Aren't you hungry?"

"I will control my hunger."

Aiden hugs Eva. Tears well up in his eyes. His sister is so conscientious.

Aiden and Eva couldn't leave the girl. When the girl woke up, she still wanted water. Eva approached and said, "There is bread. There is no water."

She moved her dry lips and said something. So weak that nothing can be heard. Aiden carried the girl on his shoulders to the broken room and arranged for her to rest there. Eva kept going back and forth. Aiden leaves Eva with the girl and runs for water. It was almost afternoon when Eva started crying because Aiden was not coming. Then it was seen that Aiden was back. Aiden's legs are bleeding. Hands and forehead were also injured. Aiden has a hard time finding a bottle of water. Eva drinks a small amount of water. When the girl regained consciousness, Aidan gave her water.

The devastated image of the world

The devastated image of the world

Eva reminds Aiden of the bread. The girl looks at Aiden with innocent eyes and gets some bread and eats it. Seeing the girl eating, Aiden and Eva wanted to eat. The girl could understand by looking at them with wide eyes. The girl divides the bread into three parts and gives them to Aiden and Eva. The three of them started eating without saying anything. Aiden thinks it's time for them to leave. The girl will now be able to take care of herself. Aiden was leaving the girl. But the girl cried. Aiden is quite surprised to see that. The girl pleaded, "Don't leave me. I can't live alone."

But Aiden did not want to make her their partner. The main reason is food. He hardly manages food. When he gets food, Aiden gives it to Eva first. If he take the girl with him, Eva will have less food. For all these reasons, Aiden does not want to make the girl his partner. Aiden tells the girl to take care of herself. Then the two siblings start walking. But from behind, the girl followed Aiden. When Aiden saw it, the girl made many requests, so Aiden agreed. It is known that the girl's name is Karin. Karin was alone in her house. And at that time the house collapsed in a strong earthquake. Her parents died in the aftermath of the earthquake. She was alive and their house was fine but it collapsed in last night's earthquake. As a result, she also went under the broken wall.

"We have no one in the world," she tells Aiden.

"No, there is someone."



"Who is Allah?"

Aiden understands that people are very ignorant about the Creator. Maybe it will start anew through them. Aiden tells Karin, "The only and unique and omnipotent God is the one who created us. He nurtures us. The only God is our guardian. Since He is by our side, there is no need to worry. Everything that is happening is for our good. One should be carefree and rely on Allah. "

Smoke billows from Karin's ears. The ears are hot. As if someone was knocking at her heart.

Karin says, "Who is Allah?"

"I just said."

"Say it again."

"He is Allah, the One / Unique. Allah is not dependent on anyone. He has no children and He is not the child of anyone. And there is no one equal to Him." [Surah Ikhlas]

Afterwards Korin became more excited. She is listening to these new things but she feels that these are deeply related to her. Karin asks, "How do you know so much?"

"Although all religions in the world were despised, some religious books are still found in libraries. I found the Quran. I read it a long time ago. I was surprised when I thought the book had something to do with me. That's why I read more. I believe Allah will save us. "

"I have dad's garage. I can drive. I can take you by the car if you want," said Karin as she walked away with Aiden, Eva in his arms.

"You're younger than me. How did you learn to drive?"

"Dad taught."

Aiden and Eva crossed a few lanes and came to the garage. And there are many immovable cars and a petrol pump. Aidan says, "These are useless."

"Looks useless but.. aren't."

Karin comes in front of a car with a broken door. The glass is broken. And the car's one wheel is broken. Before Aiden could say anything, Karin skillfully switched wheels from the other car. Karin now fills up with petrol. She looks like she's done a lot before. Karin knows exactly when to do it efficiently. She puts some more petrol in the back of the car and goes on an unknown journey with Aiden-Eva. Aiden says, "How many days like this?"

"I don't know. But it's nice to go on a long drive. We three children survive in a ruined world."

"I don't feel like a child anymore," says Aiden.

Suddenly Karin stops the car, she looks tired and says to Aiden, "Where is Quran Sharif?"

"Here," Aiden said, pointing to the bag he had on his back.

Karin wants to hear the verses of the Quran. Aidan says, "I can remember the verses. I'm reading."

Aiden starts reading Sura Rahman. Karin says, "Is it Arabic?"


"Can you speak Arabic?"

"Yeah. I learned a long time ago."

Karin likes Sura Rahman a lot. Peace of mind and body.

Our beautiful nature

Our beautiful nature

Karin, Aiden and Eva go to bed tired. Before dawn, Karin sees Aiden out Eva sleeping in the back seat of the car, and standing outside. With sleepy eyes, Karin stood beside Aiden and asked, "What are you doing here?"

Aiden's eyes are shining. Fascinated, he looked at the sun and said, "Look at that."

Karin looks at that. She also became fascinated. How beautiful! There is no shortage of this beauty. I have never seen the beauty of dawn so closely before. He looked surprised. The sun is shining red. In the calm air all sorrows are removed. Karin remembers and says, "Isn't this Allah's creation too?"


"How beautiful!"

"Hmm, all praise goes to Allah."

Aiden then sees a pheasant. He was startled. Meanwhile, how the pheasant came! Where no man survives, no bird or animal is supposed to survive. Karin says, "What happened?"

"Perhaps we no longer have to walk in the unknown."

"You mean?"

"We've got our destination."

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm right. I'm looking at the pheasant. Look at that. There's a fruit in it's mouth! Where did he get the fruit? We don't get rice. And it's got fruit in its mouth! It's all around. "

Karin and Aiden run happily. They run a long way. But they did not remember about the car. On the way they saw a huge hole on the ground. So huge that thousands of people could fit in that hole together. Aiden tells Karin to be careful. Aidan says, "I'm sure we'll find a way. Maybe a little farther." Suddenly they think of their car. Aiden also began to worry about his sleeping sister. They ran towards the car. But there are so many lanes that the road is lost. Meanwhile, two-year-old Eva wakes up and starts crying. She cries when she can't see Aiden and Karin around. She got out of the car and ran towards the huge hole. She doesn't know there is a huge hole. Aiden and Karin see Eva from a distance as Eva approaches the hole. They shouted for Eva to come to the other side but Eva was so happy to see her brother that she ran and fell into the hole. Aiden and Karin come to the hole screaming and crying. They peek. Both of them were quite surprised. Aidan says, "Is that what we're seeing or it's a dream?"

Karin hugs Aiden's neck and says, "Aiden! We've got the road!"

Karin looks up at the sky and says, "we have got the road!"

The hole is awful to look at and everyone will move away from it. But beneath it is a piece of earth. Beautiful, green earth. There are trees, animals, birds and everything. Seen from above, the place is very deep. At the beginning, the huge black hole is filled with mud. The mouth of the hole is very slippery due to rain so Aiden and Karin slide down very easily. They thought they were playing slides in the park. They went downstairs and saw Eva crying. Eva has mud all over her body which was stuck in her body when she got into the hole. Eva rushes towards Aiden and Karin. Aiden and Karin hugged Eva and started crying. This cry is not the cry of the helpless. It is a cry for a new life. They look at this small world. Nothing is lacking. Flowers and fruits on the trees. The chirping of birds in the sky. The scent of flowers in the air. The sound of water coming from a nearby fountain. They look up at the hole where there is a huge gap. And the bright light of the sun is coming through this gap in this place. Before coming to this place in Aiden way, he has learned some important things of life. Life is not a thing to be happy. Rather, life has to be built that way. The importance of food and water has been realized. They have understood the great blessings of Allah. They also found the Creator. Aiden is fascinated by the beauty of nature. Happiness lies in the hardships and sorrows of life. Age is of no use. The wise man is the one who puts aside all sorrows in the bosom of the world and has no age to take the responsibility. Everyone can do everything when the time comes. When Aiden went to take care of his younger sister, he understood what responsibility is. He had fed his sister without having eating. People used to think of themselves as powerful one. Denying the Creator. But no one was able to stop the earthquake. And could not save themselves from destruction. Then how humans are the powerful?

© 2021 Nazmun Nahar

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