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Updated on March 18, 2019
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I am a writer, a customer care rep, a business administrator, a lover of life and a successful single lady who sees every child as hers.

The journey of an Instagram love

A short story


The last time I chatted with Emmanuel, I promised myself I would never chat him up again. He was simply rude, or should I say inconsiderate of my feelings. How could he have said it wasn’t my business! All I asked was when he and his supposed girlfriend were getting married.
He has told me he was in a relationship when we first met. But he made it sound as if the girlfriend was me. When I asked him how the relationship was going, since his kind of job had always made him have issues with women; he said he doesn’t know yet and he wants to see how it goes since he just met the girl, and got this new job, so he wants to see how it will go, and how her attitude will be towards his job. So in some very lonely way I felt the girlfriend is me. Crazy you would say right? Yes I was crazy to be his girl.
Before we met and had the previous discussion, I wrote a poem using him as my muse, recorded it and sent it to him. So when we met I asked him how he saw the poem? And he said he couldn’t listen to it because the environment was noisy. A few days later he relocated to a foreign land and we only got to chat. Now back to the last chat we had that made me vow never to communicate with him again.
After keeping to my vow for three months, I got this chat on IG from Emmanuel asking for a friend’s number. He asked how I was doing and I saw it as a trick just to communicate with me then. I sent the number and ignored him. But after a while, I decided to give love the benefit of the doubt, maybe this one could end up well.
It was just an Instagram love. It was cold, voiceless, lacking good imagery and vibes. Emmanuel is a sea guy and most times on the rig. I would chat, and receive reply when he came online three days later. At first I was doing most of the talking till it became monotonous. Then I tried letting inspirational quotes do the talking, and he would just click the like button. I started feeling so unloved. So I decided to ask him for money. I mean, I can’t get love I should get money right? So I did ask him and to my surprise he sent me a reasonable amount. At that moment, I became contented in just having his money. So I asked for another which he didn’t send. I ignored that and kept chatting.
Our chats changed a little bit. He was not just reading my chats, but he was also communicating through them. He would poke fun at some, reason with some, and explain some. But what never changed was that I always had to initiate the chats, the conversation. I would always be the first to say something, and then he would reply. It got boring. I wasn’t feeling loved.
After a while, his chats changed again. It was like he was trying to say something, to finally let the cat out of the bag but I kept on missing it. I think my feelings were no longer vulnerable. I had become in control. And I needed to be chased, wooed and begged to begin to love him as his woman.
What Emmanuel never saw coming was my switch in emotions. I went from one hundred percent to thirty percent. I guess what surprised him was that I loved him when I didn’t even know him, when he did nothing and felt just a little for me. And he just cannot understand now why I can’t get it when he is trying to actually say something now.
Now he tells me; I don’t understand. Maybe I do understand. I do understand how a woman should be approached for love, how she should be chased, loved, valued, and cherished.
I am done with Instagram love and he has chosen not to reply my last chat. I am no longer going to initiate a chat, and he has chosen not to reply my last chat. So in essence, it is finally over. Goodbye Instagram love!
The End.

Can love be this colorful?

When love isn't true, double dating comes in.

© 2019 Jade George Anibor


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