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Dig My Mind

- Can't I be absent today? I want to continue sleeping.
- You have questionnaires, it's only two days a week and at the end of the day you go to sleep there.
I snort and open my nostrils to show him that I'm disgusted.
- Okay whatever.
I go into the shower, turn on the hot water and sit on the floor, I'm not feeling well today either, I cry a little, wash my face and go out to get dressed.
I leave my room and grab my things to carry.
- You are very pretty, take care of yourself.
- Thanks mom, bye.

~ Run up the stairs, feel the cold surrounding every particle of your body, walk in a beautiful zigzag, pretend the day will be fun, look out the window, listen to depressing music, get out of the car, organize your mask of contempt Take it off, no hide your unconcern. Do I show how much I care about the general well-being? ~

I sit at my desk, I smile at the teacher, I run to Lila, I give her a kiss on the forehead and I sit down to listen. The teacher is telling us about a story that we should do for peace, it makes me thoughtful, I don't like having to think, I recently read something that identified me a lot, in our times nobody wants to think anymore, nobody wants to be alone, loneliness gives you it forces us to think, thinking makes us smarter and therefore sadder.

Peace? Isn't it really boring? Perhaps my concept is superficial, I still have a lot to learn; Normally when we hear peace we imagine a world without wars, without political or ideological disputes, I think more about my inner peace. And how could I be at peace with the other if I am not with myself?

Lately I have noticed that the sadder I am, the more pleasant I am with the people around me, perhaps because it gives me time to think, when I am sad I tend to admire the other more, it is something strange that happens. Isn't it contradictory?

There are two minutes to go, I tell the teacher that the bus is going to leave me because I don't want to have to say goodbye to Camilo or Lila, I yell at them in the distance and leave at a fast pace. .. while waiting for the bus I feel the heat settling on the soles of my feet and I wrinkle my face, recently I had to start riding the bus, I don't know why most people don't like it, I really enjoy that, I am outdoors and I am distracted by looking at people. I see the bus in the distance and I run to put my hand on it, I sit down and feel the air coming through the window, resting on my face, there are some ladies in front talking about something while laughing, next to a woman She is with her baby who is looking for something in her bag, curious to find something to entertain herself, I smile, I think it is the most beautiful thing. Isn't it perfect like that? I remember the only phrase that calms me down, I quote it in my own way; The general opinion implies that the world is surrounded by hatred, grudges and lies, but it seems to me that it is not like that, love is everywhere, normally it is not so extravagant or so notorious, but it is always there, when it happened. the accident of the twin towers, that I know that none of the calls were hateful, all were dismissed and messages of love; I get off the bus, I think I finished a nice story.

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