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Inside a Dogs mind

Hi my name is Koda. Let me talk to you about how I see the world and my family. I’d like to start by telling you a little about myself; you already know my name so we’ll start after that *pants rapidly* I’m an Australian shepherd my hair is black with like Rottweiler markings on my face legs and butt. I have white on my face and down to my belly. A lot of people think I’m mixed with Rottweiler but I’m not my snout is to long and I have orange brown eyes a lot of people say they are beautiful. I don’t really have a tail never had one how odd. I see my buddy wagging this big long tail in my face all the time and it makes me jealous. My mommy says she loves me though no matter what I look like or what I do; she usually let’s me get away with everything she’s not a bad mommy she’s just to gentle and loves me so much and thinks she’ll hurt my feelings. The truth it does hurt my feelings when I’m punished but I’ll always forgive her and love her I’m her cuddle bear other than her human who she’s always with it makes me mad that I never get time with her and he does. I feel left out although all I do when I come in is get playful with my dog buddy or try to find something to eat off the floor unless she leaves the room then I have to follow to make sure she is safe don’t feel lonely. She leaves me everyday day in the morning and afternoon I miss her so much, everytime she gets home I smell other dog on her she’s been cheating on me with other dogs. I just whine and jump on her to show her I love her sometimes she shoves me away and tells me down other times she gives me big hugs and says she loves me and I’m her baby. I don’t understand why she wants to be with other dogs and not me I know that she loves me but….. She spends more time with them than me all I want is to be spoiled and get on her nerves. I always wait for her to tell me I can come get in the car with her; I stare up at her and wag my butt and bark and grumble at her but she don’t seem to understand. So she tells me she loves me and leaves me so I try to tell her I love her back in a loud grumble. She smiles and laughs she says she loves it when I do silly things. She’s my mommy and I love her so much!!! I love my daddy to even though he scolds me more than mom does he blames only me for digging holes and tearing things up and not my buddy. It makes me sad and I get nervous and pee but I still love him and try to lick him in the face and say cujo did it too.

All dogs need to be loved even when they are bad they our best friends they will always forgive you. I love koda even though he makes me mad he is my baby.

Marissa Baker