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Inner Cleanliness


Sara is a Civil Engineer and a creative writer who loves to write poetry, biographies, non-fiction stories to build strong relationships.


She was sitting under the shade of bottle brush tree.

Immersed herself deep into the memories of the past.

She needs silence to bear off the mixture of unnecessary thoughts.

While fixing her eyes on almost 25 feet high tree, she asked herself!

What is this change?

Is this term related to my feeling and emotions controlled by my heart and mind?

What change has occurred in my present life? It’s good to ask such type of questions. Isn't it?

Is it the same, or much better than before, or even worst?


Some people say nothing. Why? Because they never wanted to come out from their past era. They are just complaining and nothing else.


Some say an admirable change in our lifestyle, status, and salary, etc. How?They know their values and successful life's secrets to move on.

Nature, habits, experiences, circumstances are different but matters to everyone.

When loved ones breaks up the relationship by saying you can't change, don't they realize, it hurts.! She asked herself.

Doubtfulness in her eyes shows sadness as seen at a sunset time.

She stood with tears in her eyes, as she concluded something.

Yes, Our desires also change with time.

While improving our living standards we forgot in this entire struggle our emotional quality of excellence is dropping and leading towards the discriminate judgments.

Whenever we interact with others, our dignified behavior and humble nature is the specific thing that people will always remember.

Inner cleanliness is very essential.

“A kind heart is a fountain of gladness, making everything in its vicinity freshen into smiles”.
~ Washington Irving

Sara Shahid.

Civil Engineer.


SARA (author) from Islamabad on May 01, 2019:

Thank you.

Lorna Lamon on April 30, 2019:

Thought provoking and inspiring - thank you for sharing.

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