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In the stars - short story


In the stars - a short story

The house was silent and lonely. He missed her presence. He missed coming home to her smile. Some days he felt like he couldn't bear to live there any longer without her. Caleb picked up the photo frame and smiled. He remembered that day clearly. They were so happy, so carefree. Why does time have to run out so quickly for some of us?

“Today was hell, but I’m excited to see you tonight Lorelai,” he said, kissing the photo and setting it down. As exhausted as he was tonight was a new moon so there was no time for rest. The sky would be clear and the stars would shine brightly.

Caleb threw on a jacket and headed outside. The night was crisp and cold. Over the fence was a pine forest that crept up a small mountain. Caleb trekked up to the top, something he did almost every night since she had died.

Reaching the top he called out to her, “Lorelai?” Shivering with anticipation, he waited for her to answer him. The air was cold, painfully cold. “Are you here?” his voice echoed into the darkness.

“Yes, my love,” Her voice was followed by the soft breeze.

Chills ran up his whole body. Caleb looked up to see her silhouette in the stars. She twinkled and danced about. “I miss you,” he said.

Lorelai became still, “We will reunite soon,” she said soothingly, “and we can both go home together.”

“Yes, and then I can hold you in my arms again,” Caleb said.

Her smile was a cluster of stars. Her eyes were big and bright. As beautiful as Lorelai was Caleb grew solemn, for stars could not be touched, not by mortals.

Years passed by and Caleb would visit Lorelai on top of the mountain, even by the time he reached his late eighties. The walk grew harder as he grew older, but it was worth it if that meant he would hear her sweet voice and see her beautiful smile. His wife had been dead for many years but she waited in the stars for him.

As Caleb lay in his hospital bed, his family beside him, he couldn’t help but cry. Would Lorelai know why he hadn’t been able to visit? Was she lonely?
“Jas,” He said weakly, grabbing his daughter's hand. “Tell your mother why I couldn’t visit her.”
His daughter stared at him blankly. “Dad," she said softly, "mum is…”

“She is up the top of the small mountain behind my house. You'll find her in the stars. Tell her what happened, tell her I will see her again soon.”

As Caleb drew his last breath he heard her sweet voice call out, “My love I’m here to take you home now.”


© 2019 Elise


Lorna Lamon on June 24, 2019:

How touching - beautiful writing.

Linda Rogers from Minnesota on June 23, 2019:

This story melted my heart. What a beautiful depiction of 'True Love'.

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