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In an Unknown Uncertainty

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Make a character, take yourself into it, go ahead. Self written.


-“Saleha!..Saleha! Is anyone there?” a desperate screaming is coming from outside.

-“Who is crying there?” Saleha rushes towards them with Her husband Humayun and daughter Khadiza after hearing screaming.

Saleha's older brother Motaleb is sitting on the ground holding his son Moqbul as his leg is bleeding. Motaleb's wife Romiza, daughter-in-law Rehana, granddaughter Rozina is also on the ground, holding Moqbul up.

-“What happened, Bhai? How did he get injured?” seeing them all messed up asks Saleha.

-“I am doomed. Everything is gone, everything got washed up, and I could not do anything,” says crying Motaleb.

Seeing her brother in that state, Saleha can guess what could happen to them but decides to stay focused and make them calm first.

-“Okay, let's go to the room and treat his wound first. We can talk about all these later.” Saleha takes them to the room.


After treating Moqbul's wound Saleha gives them clothes to freshen up.

-“Erosion took my everything, sister. I am totally ruined. How am I going to take care of my family? Where will we live? That one piece of land was our last hope. This cyclone, this erosion left me in a deathbed.”

Motaleb starts moaning while talking about the inconvenience that happened to him and his family.

-“For now, You can live with us. Let's go to the union council tomorrow for some relief funds. If they can not manage anything, going to the government provided shelter is the last option. If it rains like this continuously, a rehabilitation center will be the last refuge for all of us.”

People living on the banks of the river do not give false assurances to each other. Every day they have to fight with the river, with nature. The river is the dearest friend and the worst enemy at the same time for them. They live with it, live on it, and suffer for it.

So, whenever like in the storms, in the rains, in any kind of dangerous path they have to go through, they don't depend on unreal hopes but harsh truth.


It is the same for Saleha also. It is hard to see his brother like that. But she will not give him any hope. Even if she does, her brother won't be convinced.

At night, all of them stay in their small hut together.


In the morning, Motaleb and Humayun go to the Union council in search of some food with other disaster-stricken people.

After standing in a long line there all day, they got to know that all the food and other donations are finished. They come back home empty-handed as there is no option left for them.

Meanwhile, the water of the river has started flowing into the village due to heavy rain, and it is gradually increasing.

Helpless Saleha does not understand what to do.

Darkness is approaching again throughout the sky. The sound of the disaster prevention committee's whistle is being blown continuously. Motaleb Saleha looks at each other in horror, in an unknown uncertainty.

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