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In Touch With Our Wild Side

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A Stronger Passion

One that we never knew

That could keep us up late into the night

An energy that fills our soul

We can go to work and do a good job

This is something much greater

There is no competition or deadline

Only the ability to be happy

With what we are doing at this very moment

It doesn't have to be what other people like or don't like

It is what we love to do

We can do it without thinking

Where the time passes without notice

Our heart skips a beat

We keep finding more thoughts to think

Each one slowly progressing

Leading us to where we should be

For me laughter and humor have to saturate my mind

I feel so special

We all are special

Yes one of a kind

We want to see the best things in life happen

To do this we take the proper steps every day

Making sacrifices along the way

Only to see all our hard work pay off

I encourage to find their own pipeline of inner strength

That will guide us each day

If we are aware the feeling that we feel is real

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