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In The Cross Hairs

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Life Can Be A Challenge

We can't stop now

So close yet so far from reality

I thought it would work

It didn't

So here I am trying again

Trying to find happiness in something I didn't see before

As I take a step back

I realize I have been sitting in happiness all along

What I wanted I really didn't need

I only thought I did

A thought can be a hard thing to forget

Because what seems like one thought is really thousands of thoughts blended together

That's why it is so hard to move in a new direction

We have thought this way for so long

We can't stop a speeding train instantly

Neither can we stop ourselves

Even if we know we are heading for disaster

What we can do is slow ourselves down

Look for help from people around us

Even if they don't have the ultimate answer

They might give us clue

How we can avoid this situation in the future

The disaster didn't happen

We are on the road to recovery

There are lessons to be learned

We can take the time and review

Many people can't be bothered

To see the life they are living

Soon they are heading in the same direction as before

It's their choice just like it is ours

To do or not to do

That is the million dollar question

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