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In Prophet's Words: A Poem

Updated on June 27, 2017
ValKaras profile image

Val is a life-long student of the psycho-philosophy of living and a devoted practitioner of many techniques that enhance personal evolution.

To Love or to Hate?---That's the Question
To Love or to Hate?---That's the Question

In those far away Himalayan woods

not knowing each other and in distant caves

lived two ascetic, meditating dudes

wise by beards, by way they behaved.

After many years of solitary peace

one day, by chance, they ran into each other,

so they sat in shade of some very old trees

and both were like finding a long lost brother.

"What made you give up every social touch?"-

wanted to know one with the shorter hair.

"Well, I left because I loved people so much".-

answered the other with a blind man's stare,

then rushed to explain after a long sigh:

"While I was with them, they always made me pissed,

and I couldn't love them, no matter how I tried,

so, to be loved, they just had to be missed."

The other kept nodding, with a tear in his eye,

and then said it like with voice from grave:

"I had a hard time to tell them 'Good-bye',

and even harder to get used to the damn cave."-

"So, why did you leave, if it's not painful to say?"

"Well, a dude from other village---much in the likeness of you

left to the mountains to become holy and wise,

so father kicked me out with only one clue,

not to come back before the other one does."

Now, the other dude, holy and wise as could be

spoke like a prophet with a divine call:

"Let us go back you and I, to be happy and free,

I miss hating them more than I miss loving them at all."

So it was said---and so it was done.

The moral of the story: Humans don't live in separation because then they would have to love and miss one another---which comes as somewhat unnatural on this planet. ---Namaste


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    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 5 months ago from Southern Illinois

      We seem to love people who think like us and hate those with differing ideas. Is it possible to stop and listen, then perhaps we will see things in a brand new light? That's what makes living in a community of different origins a learning process. Just like the Monks in your story. I like this!

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      MizBejabbers 5 months ago

      Satire? this sounds more like my husband, a Vietnam vet with PTSD.

      I always said I loved cats more than humans because cats don't talk back -- until one of them did.

      Seriously, this poem sounds so typically human. You captured a real essence here.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 5 months ago from Queensland Australia

      An interesting and thought provoking poem, Val. Some people aren't happy unless they have someone or something to hate. You captured that in this satire.

    • ValKaras profile image

      Vladimir Karas 5 months ago from Canada

      Michael, my friend---I like your thinking about "love and hate". Of course, you noticed that the punch-line of the poem by its end was not an expression of my "in-depth" views on that theme, but rather meant to entertain with its dash of satire about man's addiction to hate things, often despite his intellectual positivism that wants him to choose otherwise.

    • Michael-Milec profile image

      Michael-Milec 5 months ago

      Loving Or Hating - Seriously

      First one then the other

      Or firstly the other than the one

      Both's spontaneous outcome

      Humans promptly talk love, love

      Fallig prey to impossible

      Verbally voice in any language

      That of hard work only

      By deeds and actions achievable

      Hate an equal practice

      Popularly spread

      Where life is spiritually dead.

      PS ( Dear Val, if for nothing else

      a test to your magnanimousness.).