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Manifesting Love, Even to Our Enemies: Mondays Inspirations,14

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The Beatitudes


There is a very inspirational story about one of the ten original Gurus of Sikhism. He lived at a time when they were persecuted and so had to fight. One day, one of his soldiers brought a complaint about another fellow comrade, who was tending to the wounds of an enemy soldier.

The Guru asked to be brought into their presence. The accused soldier became nervous and apprehensive, but the Guru simply said that this man had understood his philosophy, and personally tended to the wounds of the enemy soldier.

“Love your enemies,” said the Christ. “Pray for those who persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven. He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.…” Matthew, 5: 44 (Berean study Bible).

This approach is demonstrated by the Christ in different areas of the Gospels and indeed the poetic beatitudes serve as a prime example. He tells us that it is very easy to love those that we are familiar with; the real test comes when we are faced with greater challenges, to love those we do not know, indeed those who may be inclined to harm us.

Forgive seventy times seven; turn the other cheek … now I dare say that the Christ is not asking us to go back to God, for the temple is infinitely important, as its real purpose, is the manifestation of God’s Light –to praise, adore, glorify ... so we are asked to be wise, but compassionate.

“Let your Light so shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” –Matthew 5: 16. (Berean study bible). We are asked to be God’s lamps … are told that a city on a hill cannot be hid. So it behoves us to openly express our Love for all and not to hide it under a bushel.

Sri Guru Nanak Devji


So how can we love our neighbour? There is a sublime poem called ‘Anyway,’ and perhaps you have read it. It says quite clearly that some will reject our help or advice even when they need it, but that we ought to love them anyway. Loving is a quality of the compassionate Heart, not the emotional heart, and one of service, of self-giving. Note the difference in capitalising.

The Heart identifies, seeks union, and is an excellent Team player; acting with a sincerity of purpose or purity of intent. It won’t ask you to hug your neighbour and constantly try to say nice things, for it knows that this may be impossible. Instead, it demands our purity of intentions, such as was displayed by the Sikh warrior on the battlefield to his enemy, even to the point of adding expensive balm on his wound.

“Blessed are the pure in Heart.” Says the Christ in the beatitudes, “For they shall see God.” Matthew, 5: 8. A pure Heart is a peerless manifestation of God’s divine reality. love and empathy, which basically springs from Love and Gratitude to the Divine, are simply the essential keys.

The good samaritan


Recently I told the story of the young patient with minor ailments, who wanted to jump ahead of the queue; not seeing that most of the others were aged and infirm, that they had much more severe ailments than her. Indeed some were heaven bound.

This is a big problem at large. We see our own shells or houses and are so engrossed that it blinds us to the reality around. Have you seen folks with their mobiles lately? Head down, unaware of what’s going on around them, they are lost in another world.

Indeed they wake up only when they bump into someone and proceed to tell that person off. We can be so much like this, only seeing our own little world, like the elephant which was described in many ways, according to the viewpoint of the individual.

There is another enlightening story of a woman who went to Siddhartha to cure her dead son. So the Buddha said that he would do so. She was extremely happy. First, he said, bring me some mustard seed from a house that has never seen death or infirmities.

So off she went quite quickly, her dead son the focal point of her concentration. She soon found that in every house she visited, someone had either died or was infirmed or a relative: cousins, grandsons and so forth, had passed on. The story does not end there, for discrimination dawned in the Heart of this woman and she became a disciple of the Buddha.

The spiritual Heart


The Buddha


Love manifests, like a bird in flight, free and gliding on the wings of joy. It is in the East and West; above and below and has no time for discrimination. It flows through the addict and the paramour; the family man and in those attached to kamini kanchana (desires and the craving for material things).

In its purest form it rises, free from expectations, bargaining and possessions and flows like a serene river, to the ocean, its Source. We are called upon to love even in an imperfect creation, as humanity is only an expression of a universal Heart. In the universal Heart, all Hearts are one.

“Be universal in your Love,

You will see the universe to be a picture of your own being.” –Sri Chinmoy

So our own fulfilment, lies in the acceptance of others, as part and parcel of our own lives. This is what the saints have been telling us. For how can we love a God who we have not seen, unless we love those whom we can see? Why should we expect to die and awake anew in heaven, if our fears, insecurities, anger, jealousies, greed, pain, ego and self-doubt, has not been transformed on earth?



Quotes from a Yogi


The Buddha was asked by Ananda – out of concern – not to preach in a particular village. “Why?” Enquired the Buddha. “Because the people are bad … sinful” Said Ananda. “So what happens if we find the same problem in the next and the next village?” Said the Buddha. “We keep moving, until we find some good people. Some worthy of the Dharma.” Said Ananda.

So the Buddha basically spoke like Christ, reassuring Ananda and telling him that it was not the good they sought, but the sinful. The good already knew the Truth, but it was the wicked that needed to hear his sermons. Everyone has the Light, no matter how tiny and is a divine spark of the Supreme.

God or Love, is breathing inside the poor, the rich and impoverished; the East and West and in the worlds beyond. Whether our flames flicker or burn as a cauldron, they are still within and like some good petrol, continues to drive the car. So it behoves us to love; to be empathetic to our enemies as well as our friends; to dance the song of oneness, as only by doing so, will we ourselves find Peace. Our Beloved’s blessings to all. Glory be!!

“Forget any idea of right and wrong any classroom ever taught you. An empty heart, a tormented mind, unkindness, jealousy and fear, are always the testimony you have been completely fooled.

Turn your back on those who would imprison your wondrous Spirit with deceit and lies.

Come! Join the honest company of the King’s beggars … come, join the courageous who have no choice but to bet their entire world, that indeed, indeed, God is real.” –Hafiz.

sri chinmoy speaks on Love and Oneness

Love immortal

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