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Imprisoned By Past Memories

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Trapped in an animal cage by our worst enemy, our past has conquered us while we await our fate. Who are we? As we drown in fear, regret, anger and discomfort, we only hope for a miracle. Our strength is tested. Our patience is as well, as we hope to escape the thoughts of a horrible outcome. Our past is one of our worst enemies that can be absolutely cruel and dangerous. If we do not escape its hold on us, we may never enjoy a more rewarding life. The past is our leader and we must overcome it to take the lead.

Memories can Keep us Down


As John, a claustrophobic, takes the elevator, because the stairway was blocked off; he is frightened. He has an important business meeting to attend and he is running late. From the bottom floor to the 30th floor, John has to take an elevator. Five other people in the elevator with him (just about full), he holds on tight, scared, sweating, trying to keep his cool knowing that a panic attack is due to happen. He can barely breathe as he reaches only the seventh floor. The rest of the people in the elevator are having a comfortable conversation, while John remains focused on preventing a panic attack. The longer he rides the elevator, the faster and harder his heart pounds. He starts to shake, as the rest of the passengers are breathing easy and talking about how nice the building is. John has been imprisoned by his claustrophobia, brought down and restricted by his symptoms.

Past memories can be the enemy that never quits, making your life a suffer to reckoned with. A constant worry of getting robbed as you’re walking down the street within a neighborhood known for crime. A constant occurence of cops riding behind you after you’ve just had a few drinks. Your significant other constantly coming home late, feeding your worry and your suspicion of their cheating. Past memories can be a worrisome binding agreement that you just can’t escape, something that you just can’t get above, unfortunately controlling your present and your future.

Strengthening Your Present


As Bruce Lee have always kicked butt in his movies, we have to realize that we too can kick some butt. As we watch action packed and super-hero movies, somewhere inside we have to find our fight. When a kidnapper takes his hand and covers our mouths and takes an arm to grab us, we must escape. Our fear, panic and discomfort must drive us to be relieved. We deserve to be free. We deserve to be happy!

Past thoughts can take us away from our present, covering our eyes to reality as it really is. Growth is impossible if we’re taken away from all of the advancements that are going on right in front of us. There is life above the 6-foot hole dug for the dead. Can you see above this hole, or are you idled, paralyzed without the energy or strength to lift yourself? As an Avenger fights to win, never quits and eventually gets the best of the antagonist, so can the victim of hindering past thoughts. Are you better than your past? Are you strong? Are you capable? Even if a friend snipes an enemy from a rooftop who is getting the best of you, you have overcame your enemy.

Being Persistent


A man paints 248 paintings back to back, with the attempt to sell them, but he sells not one. Painting number 249 sells! Every painting he ever painted was considered by him as the one that would sell. He always believed that his paintings would sell, no matter how many times he was rejected. The best part of his rejections was the fact that during the process he could learn why they didn’t sell. He would get better with every new painting that he would paint. When painting number 249 sold he became a new man and his life began to change. His confidence grew, his excitement grew and he became stronger. More people started to know who he was and they demanded more from him; He continued to provide.

Just because you do not seem to overcome your past thoughts in the beginning doesn’t mean that you never will. Stick with any overcoming methods that you’ve discovered, either online or through a doctor. Past thoughts can be binding and a deciding factor on who you will become, but you can change your thinking with some effort, the right content and a no-quit attitude. Constantly talk to yourself when a hindering past thought presents itself. You will be surprised overtime at the new and improved person you’ve become. People will notice, compliment you and you’ll feel more appreciated.

Believing in Yourself


After getting out from a building fire of thick smoke, you may be surprised and/or glad that you’ve escaped. Many people die in building fires, but someway, somehow you’ve managed. It is possible to win a battle if you believe, persist, exhibit strength and apply effort. Strategy is necessary, but the mentioned qualities must be attached or the strategy wouldn’t have any energy to be carried out. As you are taken to the hospital to be checked for lung dysfunctions after breathing in so much smoke, your family and friends comfort you causing you to smile in relief. You did it! You saved your life! You believed in you and overcame a life threatening situation.

When you know that you can change your thoughts, simultaneously, you would not quit on yourself. Many of today’s biggest celebrities and activists have had bad past occurences, but they changed their thoughts for the better in order be a new and improved person. If they can do it, so can you. They aren’t any better than you are, they just used their strength towards new memories, persisted and believed in themselves. Search for positive quotes online that you can repeat back to yourself in the heat of battle. “You can thank me later”!


The leader has to be you, not your past. Follow my lead and you will lead. You must follow in order to lead. Are you ready to take control of your life? Be strong, persist and believe in yourself. Constantly say positive things to yourself when hindering past memories come about. You are better than your past! You are somebody! You will live!