If We Be Honest (Poem)

Updated on June 24, 2017

If we be honest, we will see the carnage of our depravity,

We will withdraw our pointing fingers and behold naked reality,

We will end the infamy as we start searching the guilty

If we be honest, we will lay down our arms

We will relax our bloody fists and take off deceitful charms

We will find true refuge and escape the choke of self-harm

If we be honest, we will not huff and puff

We will breathe in mourning and wail, “it is enough!”

We will learn of humility as we eschew our bluff

If we be honest, we will receive every needed care,

We will be healed from all forms of despair,

We will bow our knee and be carried off in prayer

If we be honest, we will render ourselves dead,

We will concede to our crimes instead,

We will surrender to justice and by mercy be lead

If we be honest, we will admit who we are,

We will admit that we have gone too far,

We will no longer refuse ourselves the blessings of the altar

If we be honest, we will not dread confession,

We will be responsive for sickness is cured only after admission,

We will be revived by truth’s honesty and its power of transformation.

If only we be honest.



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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 11 months ago from The Caribbean

      Your poem is touching, promoting soul-searching and honesty. Great!

    • Michael-Milec profile image

      Michael-Milec 11 months ago

      A strong message. Deep view into the heart of a lost person without Christ Jesus.