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If This World Should Go Away


This beautiful world that we all are so given, is no grander gift to be,

The highest mountain peaks, great plains and streams, our heredity.

Always to be a part of our lives, our memories, held in highest esteem,

Magnificent sun's dawning and sunsets, that of every precious beam.


If this world of wonder to go away, a demise of greatest remorse,

Is it now too late, to make amends, to change the present course?

Must we find a way to save our earth, soils of our own beginnings,

Making better changes in how we all to live, instead of our endings.


We must save our oceans from pollution, maintaining its preservation,

Start new programs of awareness and action, about this abomination.

The precious fish and mammals there, all in peril of losing their lives,

Their habitat, colorful corals destroyed, a sanctuary where all survives.


The most revered air we all breathe, we must count each and every breath,

Soiled by excrement of the most vile accounts, ultimately leading to death.

Factories still belch their pollutants in mass, all spreading across the land,

While many dump from bowels in the streams; will our children understand?


When unscrupulous ones taint the soils, the foods of which we partake,

How may we all go on in this world, forever wronged, our lives at stake?

Why must we still to down our trees, planting concrete lots in their sted,

Do the wrong-doers realize their bad deeds, the loss of our air to dread?


Must we try to survive in this world, while others try to rule and to all spoil,

Just who dictates here on earth what we shall do, our lives to so embroil?

Will some day we stand together, say no more, is now our time to abstain,

Taking in account of the future, our children; should they endure our pain?



all rights reserved ans under copyright laws 2016


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