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If Houses Could Talk

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If Houses Could Talk

If Houses Could Talk

The wrought iron fence that was once brand new

Now looks a little unloved.

The tarmac needs attention

As its fighting a losing battle with weeds.

The house itself is silent but sturdy,

The thick walls

Standing firm.

What would it say if it could talk?

Would you tell a tale of the servants?

Of those that were in service to the bell

Would you tell the tale of the Master

Whose business was doing so well.

The owner today is successful,

He has to be to own such a house

Or that is what he would like you to think.

But his debts are turning him to drink.

The person who bought it a century ago

Was doing well in his time

He funded the school for kids to be educated

No catches, no PPP

Just generosity.

If houses could talk

What will be your legacy?

What could you do differently?

How could you help your community?

Patricia Ann Ward


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