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IT (My Sleep Paralysis Monster)


December 26 of this year, we surprised our father at 6 AM with breakfast in bed to celebrate his 47th birthday. It was indeed a premeditated celebration. Laughter, fun, and joy filled our morning. Even before that, I was already tired but not that much but still, I decided to have a short nap. However, that “short nap” turned into a 2-hour sleep. And that sleep turned into much more.

I dreamed of something both quite unusual and creepy. At first, it was about me and my boyfriend fighting over something. Then, we ended up going to an elementary school; I was familiar with the place because I once studied there but I was getting this feeling that the school was a bit different. My boyfriend and I decided to use the school’s comfort rooms to freshen up.

When I entered the female comfort room, I saw my friends. They asked me, “What happened?”, “Nothing,” I said. “I just needed to change my clothes and freshen up.” I continued. My friends left, then suddenly, the cr's main door shut. At first, I was, “Maybe it was just the wind.” Then, every cubicle doors inside the comfort room banged. That’s when I felt very uneasy and knew that something was wrong. Impulsively, I shouted and ran towards the door. I tried opening the door but it won’t budged. For the second time, I tried it again, this time with full force, it opened a little and I was able to slide myself out. When I was out, I was aghast seeing there was no one around and my boyfriend could not be found. I saw a rectangular hole on the floor leading to someplace (I don’t know where). I was quite dubious but my body was telling me to go inside and unsurprisingly I did. When I entered the hole, someone was pulling me back. A gruesome hand was pulling me back! I started fighting back and that's when something crawled slowly through the hole with me. By the time I was planning to escape, it was already in front of me! (I decided to call the monster or whatever it is - “IT” not because he looks like Pennywise from the movie IT but because I could hardly describe his appearance much more his face).


Every facets of IT was hideous, scary, and vile. I can sense my whole being quivered at the sight of IT. Appalled by what I saw, I closed my eyes and prayed (I’m a Roman Catholic by the way) “The Our Father” and “Hail Mary” to appease the fear I’m feeling.

When I opened my eyes, I was in bed. Relieved for a while knowing it was just a dream. Suddenly, I saw something sitting on my shoe rack (my shoe rack is located across my bed but very near my bed). It was IT. IT showed his big and terrifying claws. What terrified me further is when IT’s claws started to bend in different directions. I decided to ran outside. I saw my family chatting and laughing. They were still celebrating. I looked at their happy faces and found solace in it. Looking at them made me happy too. Suddenly, the atmosphere started to change. Then I realized, I was still dreaming.


Again, I closed my eyes and opened it. For the second time, I found myself in my bed. But this time it was different. My body grew weary and heavy. I couldn't talked at all. My body was totally paralyzed. I knew IT was around but strangely I could not find him. I was in a state of plight. I was looking and thinking of ways to wake up without squalling but my body could not barely budged. I struggled and struggled while praying continuously. Distraught overcame me for I knew that the only way for me to escape this situation is for someone to knock on my door and wake me up. Though I was frightened, I did not succumb to it, not because I was valiant but because I was afraid to be stuck inside that hideous dream. I supplicated and asked God (in my mind) to please wake me up. Then suddenly, my left foot felt something cold. It was a metal. It was my shoe rack! I don’t know why but something was telling me to stretch my foot harder. And so I stretched and stretched my right foot until I woke up. I was confounded about what happened. I ran outside to make sure I’m not dreaming. Feeling dizzy, tired and still sleepy I slowly ran. Then, I found my mom -my real mom not my dream mom - and I was actually very happy to see her.

What really scared me is that while it was all happening I was actually conscious but could not remember IT’s face. I told my aunt and my boyfriend about this and both of them had a chill down their spine. I searched about this in the internet and found out it was "Sleep Paralysis". For some it was purely scientific but others claim it was more than what a human mind could fathom.

Regardless, of what it is, that was still a horrific experience for me. Some people might infer it as delusional or inane but that was real for me, almost real that I’m afraid to fall asleep again. I’ve had bad nightmares in the past but this is my first time experiencing such dreadful dream.

If you have experienced something like this, then don’t hesitate to mention it in the comment box and let’s talk about it. Ciao!

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