I Am Rain!

Updated on January 24, 2018

Bek and mommy were playing in the garden. It was a beautiful summer afternoon. A cloudy sky and the air with a whiff of moisture. The sound of the rustling leaves animated by the fledgling breeze had invited them outside the house earlier than usual that day.

Bek was kicking his football and singing his nursery rhymes. When he got tired of kicking and rolling the ball for the hundredth time in a row, he started strolling with his mother. Mommy showed the changing shapes of clouds to Bek and together they made bears and giraffes in the sky.

Just then, a tiny drop of water fell on Bek’s nose, and another, on his cheek. He held the drop in his hand and asked curiously, “Where did you come from?”

The little drop said “I am Rain. I have fallen from the sky”.


Bek wondered with a smile on his face “Is your name Rain?”

The drop said “No, I am Rain. I fell down with my rain friends from the sky. Do you want to meet my friends?”

Bek nodded his head in excitement!

The tiny drop took mommy and Bek to a puddle. Bek squeezed his mom’s fingers in his little hands. In a split second, they found themselves in the puddle of water. The world around them became so big! It took them a while to understand that they had magically turned into drops of water.The other drops welcomed them while they danced in their muddy home.

Rays of the sun fell on them. They felt warm. As the sun filled them with love, they grew bigger and bigger. They jumped and danced, faster than ever before. The more they danced, the faster they ran. So much, that after some time, they started flying in the air.

They went higher and higher, all the way up in the sky, far away from the earth. The tiny drop, mommy drop and Bek drop held hands as they flew up in the sky. The buildings, the trees, the school and papa’s office looked like black dots on the ground. They said hello to the birds. The birdies smiled in return.

When they reached the sky after so much dancing and flying, they were tired. Bek said, “Mommy, I am hungry.” Mommy was tired too. It was cold in the sky. A speck of dust saw them. He said, “I will be your bench. You can sit on me and rest for a while.” They clung to that particle of dust and started singing songs in the sky.

Together, they had so much of fun in the sky that the others who came flying in the air stopped there too. Slowly thousands of droplets of water were clinging to each other, singing, and making merry. Sometimes they turned themselves into a big lion, and at others, a sea of clouds. They had loads and of fun, until they were exhausted. So, they decided it was time to go to bed. They held hands, so many of them, together, till they became heavy; so heavy that they started falling down, towards the earth.

Mommy droplet, Bek droplet, and the rain droplet fell down together. They saw a child playing with his mommy in the garden. Mommy drop fell on this cheek, Bek on his eye-lashes and the tiny drop fell on his nose. They all saw the child smile and blink his eyes, while he asked them, “Who are you?”Together they said, “We are Rain!!!!”


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    • ashimanarang profile image

      Ashima 6 weeks ago from India

      Thank you! Hope your little sister likes the story.

    • K S Lane profile image

      K S Lane 7 weeks ago from Melbourne, Australia

      So cute! I'll have to show this to my little sister sometime.

    • Reynold Jay profile image

      Reynold Jay 8 weeks ago from Saginaw, Michigan

      LOVED your cute story absolutely perfect for the young ones. I hope all is well. Since I last visited you I wrote a 8 part children's series, The Wurtherington Diary. ( easily found on the internet and with HUB articles). I don't do much at HUBS anymore.

      Wishing you the best. Write me anytime.