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Companions of Life: A Short Story

I write with passion and try to connect the situations in meaningful ways.

I have written this short story in the response to challenge given by respected Billybuc. Hopefully, you all will enjoy it. If there is a flaw, then let me know in the comments.

As soon as she stepped inside the door, she was startled to see the view inside. Jewellery of her mother was scattered on the floor. The condition of the lounge was a testament to the fact that there was a commotion before she arrived. When she turned to the kitchen, the scene was no different. There were pieces of broken pots everywhere. Her eyes filled with tears. She put her hands over her ears and ran to her room.

This was nothing new in her life. She had been watching it all since childhood. Her parents left no good childhood memories for her. She never felt adopted in her parents' relationship. For her, life was what she had been with her grandmother. In moments of loneliness, she often complained quietly to her parents about what they had given her. She always saw her parents arguing. Sometimes the quarrels escalated so much that her father would not return home for several days. Her mother was so lost in her social circle that she did not understand what her daughter would be like.

Big House, Wounderfull Cars, and Servants: What Else She Wanted

Whenever she tried to complain to her father that her life was incomplete۔ Her father always said, "Everything has been given to you, a big house, wonderful cars, and servants. What else do you want?" She disappears in front of them with a sad smile.


Nora was a sensitive girl. Things were not the standard of her happiness. Relationships were important to her. Her happiness was linked to relationships. She was the only child of her parents. The relationship between her parents was strained from the beginning. She was always waiting for her parents' attention. She still remembers her tenth birthday. She eagerly invited all her friends at home. But her parents were absent from the scene, handing over the entire arrangement to the servants. So, a friend of Nora asked, "Are your parents out of the country?" She looked helplessly at her birthday decoration and went to her room.

When they returned home late at night, their voices echoed throughout the house. They were messing with each other again. But what could she do? There was an emptiness in her life. She always felt this emptiness. She spent most of her vacation time with her grandmother. That was away from the city. Nora's mother never took care of her mother (Nora's grandmother). She (Nora's mother) left a woman to take care of the grandmother.

She Made Nature Her Companion

Her grandmother's house was near a small hill, and she often went there for a walk. She would find her way through the dense trees and feel very calm in the open air. This time too, she spent her holidays with her grandmother; she was thirteen years old. As her grandmother saw her, she said, "Oh, a piece of my heart has arrived." The two hugged each other lovingly.


After resting for a while, she went for a walk in her favourite place. She was very fond of this place since her childhood. She often came here with her grandmother. There was a rough road in the middle of this place and it was surrounded by dense trees and bushes on the sides. She would walk this path for hours and talk to these beautiful trees. She used to say to these landscapes, "Look, whenever I come, you wait for me and talk to me, even though my own parents don't have time for me."

As soon as she stepped on the path, she heard the groan of an animal. She followed the voice and saw a little puppy moaning in pain. A sharp thorn had badly injured his little foot, causing him to bleed. She looked at him with pained eyes and picked him up with her hands and brought him to her grandmother's house. She cleaned his wound and took good care of him for many days. Her vacation was over and her parents sent a car to pick her up. She was very fond of Puppy. She named him 'Jack'. She took Jack with her and headed for the house where there were loneliness and sadness.

Her parents had the same routine, her father coming home late at night, her mother being away from home all day, and when they were at home, they were arguing. But with Jack, her life changed a lot. She had found a companion in her loneliness. She spent most of her time with him. As the days went by, Jack and Nora both grew up.


Jack's legs were brown, which Nora liked very much. The two could not live without each other as both supported each other in difficult times. Nora had completed college. One day while she was playing with Jack, her mother came and told her grandmother was very ill. Anxiously, she ran to her room and began packing. When she got ready and came to the car, her mother was already there. She ignored her mother's presence and opened the front door of the car and sat on the seat next to the driving seat. "She's just going to perform a ritual." She looked at her mother in the front mirror and smiled sarcastically.

When she got there, her grandmother was gasping for breath. They rushed her to a nearby hospital. The doctor said that cancer had completely spread inside her and the chances of survival were very low. Hearing this, Nora's mind became numb. She remembered the moments she had spent with her grandmother. "So, one of my life partners will be separated from me". She thought in shock. Nora stayed in the hospital as long as her grandmother stayed in the hospital. Nora's mother called only once and asked how her mother was, just to perform a ritual. One day her grandmother suddenly lost her breath and she passed away.

Nora was in the hospital room with her grandmother's dead body. Her mother entered the room. She looked at her mother angrily and sadly. She approached her mother and saw two tears in her eyes. "She is dead, Mom, she is no more." She ran in shock. "Why are you here now? Oh, please go, don't let these tears flow. They have no value. Why are you shedding tears now that you haven't cared for her in her life? Crying, consoling, sharing sorrow, loving, and paying attention is not your job. Don't let your image be tarnished in your so-called social circle." She was running with grief and shock.

Her sharp words were reaching her mother's heart. Nora's father entered the room.

" Oh, this princess also has a father. She looked at her father and said sarcastically. I have a mother and father, but still, I spent all my childhood alone or with my grandmother. You both were my parents, but I had no companion. I made Jack and grandmother my companion. I don't need you anymore. Perform your ritual and get out of here."

Her words froze her parents. They were both looking at Nora with surprise and remorse. Nora's words shook the dormant relationship within them.

Nora's eyes fell on the Jack standing next to her who was looking at her.

Nora guessed from his look as if he was saying, "Nora, I will never leave you alone. We became friends in difficult times and we have a feeling relationship. Because emotional relationships are strong and last a lifetime. But if there are no emotions in blood relations, they become meaningless."