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I Welcome the Messiah

Sean is a teacher who is writing about his spiritual adventures to help other people find balance and self-respect.


It is not wrong to wait for a Messiah that will stop hatred and fear forever. The mistake is to expect Him to come outward.

— Sean Dragon

The Savior

Humanity was always waiting for a Savior, since the beginning of history. A Messiah who will redeem us from all our tribulations.

The concept of the Messiah exists in almost all religions, and in some of them, the Messiah has already come. But the modern human only redeemed does not feel yet. On the contrary, several times this human need for salvation has become a means of exploiting, manipulating and oppressing people by the various clergies. Result; More guilt, misery and bondage than redemption and happiness!

Obviously, something is wrong with this concept. I think this lies in the origin of the Messiah.

No Longer Slaves

The tremendous Spirits who have passed from our planet, like Jesus or the Buddha, with their divine message, have told us that every change can only come from within us. The great Master Gandhi has said: "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

We must never forget that our lives are the result of our choices. So in most of the cases, the trials and tribulations of our lives have their source in the choices we make, therefore from these choices, we must "be saved".

Therefore, waiting for someone to come to save me, mainly from my own choices, is a clear example of spiritual (and not only) laziness. I will not act, but someone else will do it for me. That's not the case!

Lord Have Your Way In Me

All the great Spiritual Masters have spoken of our Divine Self, for the God within. The Creator of the Universe and Love had provided us with the Divine Flame, with which He gave us the ability to create our world as we wish it. We let this flame waste away, over the years, because of our spiritual laziness, but a spark always remains, which fortunately it can never extinguish. Whatever we do, it will continuously burn within us and remind us of our origin.

This spark we must feed again, with Love and positive thoughts. We must feed it by following a new way of life in which goodness, offer, service, and smile will prevail. A quest for the magic you can live when you decide to give without expecting any reward. If we choose to live this magic, against the way our modern world seems to work, then this spark will begin to illuminate the world from within us, and it will unite with the corresponding sparks of our brothers and sisters who are trying the same. Their union will re-create a flame, and this flame will become a fire that will spread to the world and will burn hatred and fear. Then each one of us will become a Messiah for himself/herself and the world.


It is our responsibility; nobody else’s. It is a challenging task because it needs a lot of Spiritual work to break the rust of matter that keeps us away from our happiness, but it is our onus to do it. No one else can save us from ourselves.

Let us, therefore, abandon the excuse of the outer Messiah and let's take our life in our hands. In fact, it is the only way we can help our loved ones. If we really want to offer them happiness, we should become the example for them. We have to show them the way through our own improvement. When they see Love changes us into beautiful and happy people, they will believe that they can do it themselves.

So let's do it, let's choose Light and Love. Let's become an example for our loved ones, and also let's become part of the flame, the fire, and part of the Redemption of this world which was made to be the Paradise.


I am becoming the Messiah I want to see in my world.

— Sean Dragon

© 2018 Ioannis Arvanitis

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