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I Want to Be One of the Cool Ones


Since high school, it’s been my ambition to be like the popular kids. When Facebook was invented — over twenty-five years after graduation — I knew for certain it was a chance to show them what I’ve got.

Searching for “jocks” was a good start. All the old hallway heroes showed in the search results and were still affiliated. Not only that, they were talking the same old stuff — an exciting prospect.

I spent a few minutes reading over some of the threads. One yielded an awful lot of beer talk, but with an unenthusiastic tone because of a traded NFL player.

I’m in. Pumped while scrolling to the top of the page, I tried to send a friend request. Then I noticed the cover photo that said, “You can’t be in my Facebook club.”

My heart dropped out.

© 2022 Dan Martino

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