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I Want My Star Back


"Wish you’re here."

I said it in a low monotone voice. I looked around the place and behold of its beautiful wonders. How pretty it would be to show all these things for you.

He’s never coming back.

What an idiotic thought. There’s an endless possibility about seeing a person once again for the world goes round in 365 days a year. Someday, somewhere, I’ll meet him. I’ll be seeing you back again, Aristheo.


I turned around and found my friend Belle hastily running towards me and gasping for air. I offered her my hand and she held it tightly as if she bears a grudge on me.

"Why, you?" Belle snapped. Her flustered face in due to too much running become more crimson-like, she seemed mad.

"What? Are you even for real?!" My eyes went on a trail around every part of the city below with its flashing little lights. Ah, the smooth breeze of air calms my being despite the rushing atmosphere Belle had given me.

"I’m sorry, okay? I lost it. Sorry for being the cause of inconvenience."

"I don’t need your sorry, Gabriella!" Belle rarely used her full name to address her, it only happens during her times of uncontrollable emotion. By this time, she must be pissed off. "I told you not to go around this place! I told you that this isn’t a city but a mountain, alright? What if you fell off from this edge you’re currently standing over? Do you believe that you’d still be alive even after? Come on!"

I pouted. I have nothing to go against Belle’s arguments since she’ll be held accountable if I may not be able to come alive back home.

"I apologize. This won’t happen again." Belle instantly flashed a sweet, understanding smile and held me between her arms. She patted my hair.

Though we’re at the same age, Belle acts as the older one between us. I relied on this girl so much. Our bond is much greater than those of purely related siblings. She knows me better than my family, even my deepest secrets that I’m afraid to tell anyone. I don’t exactly know what happened why we came at this point of friendship, but surely, she’s a total confidante. I am lucky to have her by the way.

"I’m sorry, that's too much of me as well," Belle said. She pulled off the embrace and directed me to settle ourselves on the soft, green grass. "I see why you became stubborn, huh?"

I nodded. We both watch the spectacle in front of us. The flickering city lights below seemingly wanted to compete with how the moon and stars that hover the sky shone. It was a star-studded night. You could tell that the milky way must’ve wanted to reveal itself only to people who wanted to seek for it. Belle and I are among the luckiest by then. I pointed out the biggest and most sparkling star.

I pointed on a distant star whose light shines the brightest. "See that one?"

Belle nodded. "What about that?"

"That’s my star." I smiled. But it was the kind of smile that never reflects the vulnerability of the person who owns it. Or so I thought.

"You mean, Aristheo? You mean he's that one, right?"


She tapped my shoulder. It was the most gentle and the sincerest act I have witnessed from my nagger and motherly friend, Belle. She understood me, even my slightest unusual moves.

"You should forget him already. You know it from the first place, aren’t you?"

My thoughts are opposing my feelings again! How can it be this rude? Missing someone is difficult especially when you knew nothing of his whereabouts; why can’t it be properly understood?

"What is your plan about this one, Gab? It’s been eight long years... I believe it’s enough for the waiting game."

I took a smile and intently watching the wonders of the night. Surely, it will be beautiful to see this together with Aristheo. Watching the stars that are comparable with the ethereal being of this man must be highly joyful, even if the cost of this wish is augmented by the deities, I won’t quiver or shake. I’ll be brave enough.

"I still want my star back."

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