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"I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud"

I wandered lonely as a cloud

O'er vales and hills

To find the only one that's right for me

Fair of face, a poet's soul

Kind of heart and a strong constitution

With me, he will decry Daily

God Almighty Salvation (a smirk)

Along fields of Daffodils, I see us engaged

Walking always hand in hand

Clouds of white, blue, or gray natures garden

Be our solitude

He must be strong, a defender of honor

Truth, Justice, and the American way

I need no adornment of riches or gold

Just a kind heart and a poet's soul

I crave not the limelight

Nor clothes adorned with fancy trimmings

Or a rich Mans gold from coffers brimming

"Beside the lake beneath the trees fluttering and dancing in the breeze"

On a blanket just for two

I'll lay my head and dream of things

Like fairies, magpies perched on limbs

Of hummingbirds feeding during spring

"A poet could not but be gay"

With such jocular company

On a bicycle built for two

We'll travel the hills permeated by the sweet smell of daffodils.

Wordsworth left a mark with his ode to Nature in that one Poem time and again I recite it in my mind as I walk or stare out at Nature. So much beauty, I wrote this I believe in 2011.

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