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I Tossed and Turned a Little

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Just a Feeling

One I can't explain

At least at this moment

You feel down

There is no reason that you know of

It's your sixth sense reminding you

Somethings up ?

So now we look and watch the world around us

We talk about things in our life

Discuss them one by one

The weather is rain

I love the rain

So it's not that

In my family we heard sad news one of my aunts

Diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer

She has anywhere from three to six months to live

Until now she was very healthy

She is on my mind

I had a few days to reflect on my feelings

So my love goes out to the whole family

In such a difficult time

My body is sore but it is my norm

My doctor has noticed some arthritis

I try to do more stretching

It helps

From my work I get elbow and wrist pain

Tennis elbow from too much of the same activity

All these things play into my big picture

A manager I really liked

Left for a better job

Wishing him only the best

We plan on keeping in touch

My wife is healthy

Both our jobs are secure

Even the problems I had with water in our cellar

Are being taken care of

As my day unpeels like a perfect right banana

I will enjoy all I see and feel

Recording what I see and hear

Sharing many thoughts that develop and take shape

Only to make my life great

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