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I Stayed Where You Left


Sun rises and sets, seasons change, and the world continues without you.

A year ago, you abruptly disappeared from my life. Blindsided by the sudden loss, everything came to a standstill.

Should I stay or go? Do I keep my promise or just the memories we shared?

I stood from afar, watching you fight the toughest battle anyone could ever go through.

I didn’t make my decision then, but I guess I never needed to.

Things started out light and breezy. You weren’t worried, neither was I. Dark clouds were constantly looming over, but slivers of golden rays still shone through. Even when they flickered, it was enough to keep spirits up. Until they disappeared.

I look back and saw how hopeful I was in the beginning and how sceptical I turned in the end. It’s almost comical. They stole the light behind your eyes, and it turned my world to black.

Anger, sadness, and despair cycled through me as I struggled to make sense of the system. I never got an answer, but I think you did.

You knew how it worked, and yet you still fought bravely. Maybe the joke wasn’t the irony life presented. It was the fact that you tried to find order in corruption.

The light breeze turned into a hurricane. It didn’t rain; it poured. Yet, you stood in the middle of it all, with your face held high. I was already dying on the outskirts, but if you haven’t given up, so mustn’t I.

Likewise, if I haven’t said goodbye, so can’t you.

The dust falls and settles, outlining a perfect shape of myself. The worst is almost over, we’re almost there.

No storms last forever. The sun will shine brightly on you again. And until that happens, I will stay here, on the same road, under the same sky.

I will stay where you left me.

© 2022 Alison Lian