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I Saw Love Today

Going forward into a new relationship is scary to most, but second chances can be a blessing.

Love Holds Hands


I watched as couples walked holding hands through the stores shopping—seeing no one, but each other. I saw but not heard their whispers of endearing words that inundated their hearts and minds with promise of a new and better future; enfolded in love.

I saw ‘Love’ today

I watched an elderly man and woman shopping for food in a local grocery. He pushed the cart and answered her with a big smile saying ‘Yes, Dear.’ He stopped and put his arm around her and hugged her soft body close to his, releasing her with a kiss on her cheek.

I saw “Love” today.

I saw a mother shopping with twin little girls about three years old—and excitement was their main goal as they skipped along the sidewalk holding hands. A man rushed towards the children and their mother; wrapping his arms around them having a family hug—laughter and giggles filled the air like colored balloons floating upward.

I saw ‘Love’ today.

I watched a woman shopping alone at an open marketplace with loneliness frozen on her face. She paid and started to leave when she felt a tug on her skirt---looking down she saw a little boy holding his kitten. He said my family wants to invite you to our picnic. She looked up amazed as her eyes located the family and then she smiled---it was her daughter and husband surprising her with a picnic.

I saw ‘Love’ today.

I looked at my wedding pictures at the young couple standing there smiling like the world belonged to them. And it did for many years—until God called him home.

I saw ‘Love’ today.

Second Chances

© 2022 Barbara Purvis Hunter

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