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Amani is a university student who loves writing. I have been writing since I was twelve. I love writing.


Am done being around fake all the time..
... All the fake smiles I have to put on and act like am okay...
Am tired of always saying sorry just so you can stay . Am done being wrong all the time.
..Am done crying over you all the time, my eyes have had enough..
Am done fighting for us while all you ever think about is you..
Am done lying to myself that fate is a thing...
Am just done...
Am sick of being the one whose always coming through for you,.... I just can't no more..
Am done lying to myself, "tommorow will be different, it will be better "... It's never been. ..
. Am done having a bleeding heart... Am done bruising myself..
... Am done believing in fairy tales. Am done believing children stuff.
..... .
Am tired of trying to make it work...
.. Am tired of holding hands..
Am tired of looking at lying eyes..
Am tired of being.....
..... .
... Am tired of staying. Am tired of wasting your time.
... .
.. Am sorry but I really need to go....

© 2019 Amani Utembu

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