"I Loved You When..." : A Tribute to the Seasons of Marriage

Updated on November 4, 2016

I loved you when I only knew,

A little bit,

About what makes you you.

When I saw only the smiles,

The beautiful face,

The way you held me when we danced,

The way you could brighten the darkest place.

I loved you when we laughed,

And our only tears

Were tears of bliss.

When your hand in mine made my heart do a dance,

When all our worries and cares


With one kiss.

But then I saw a little bit more

Of the things that make you you.

The sweetness, oh too lovely to last,

The lighthearted life to rest went too soon.

Your smile still present,

But with the trace of a glare.

Your face,

Though lovely still,

Turned away -- oh, it isn't fair!

You wouldn't dance, your brightness dimmed,

We didn't laugh,

Our tears

Were from the hurt we felt within.

I loved you when...

I turned away,


This is the end.

But real love, I knew, doesn't give up,

When the easy times go away.

I loved you when...

Your beauty shone through

And brightened up every day.

I loved you when...

You held me up,

With the perfect things you knew to say.

And when we fail,

When rain pours down,

When darkness hovers over our way --

I know...

I'll love you....

I'll love you anyway.


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