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How my one mistake ruined everything. I Got Sentenced for.

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Sara is a creative writer and her vision is to spread Happiness, love and Optimistic thoughts.


I woke up again feeling nostalgic this morning. I looked outside the window. The drizzling rain and cloudy weather is the indication of the arrival of the happiest season of Christmas but… My thoughts just trapped me so intensely that I was unable to feel the happiness around me.


One Stupid Mistake Ruins Everything:

It was the time about 1 year 4 months back. When I decided to go out on vacation with my two friends for two weeks. We were very excited as I wrote a letter to the tourist information center in Los Angeles to book a room for three persons for a specific time duration and let me know regarding any local events which were going to happen in the town. We planned to go to the Los Angeles state from Nevada. I decided to make this trip full of surprises and memorable. Camera, bag, and all necessary items I packed and went to pick up my friends. We decided to travel by road. We made a list to see the worth-seeing places in i.e. Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Pasadena, Venice Beach, The Getty Center, etc.

Nobody knows what tomorrow's bring for you. I was not expecting that my little mistake can ruin my life……

We started our journey at 9.a.m. A bunch of three friends with gossips, laughter, music all contributed to making this journey so excited.

Nevada is entirely a desert and who knows this vast desert hides millions of secrets in its heart.

At some points, we encountered little traffic and found some travelers who seemed to be tourists during our drive. But we were not in a hurry to reach our destination. We just wanted to enjoy this journey to its fullest. We stopped at the gas station and buy some snack items from a nearby bakery shop. We did a proper arrangement to keep ourselves hydrated in this shining glittery desert.


Bet with my friends John and Sam:

Hey alien, (Although my name was Brat and my friends used to call me alien because I believe in their existence) let’s make this trip adventurous. John posed a joke at me.

Nevada desert is so vast that its silence and secrets can be understood by the true soul. I believed the existence of other creatures in this universe that’s why they used to call me alien.

Life means Risk. You can do this. Sam encouraged me and puffed up a cigarette smoke into the air. He added, Brat it’s your turn to prove yourself. Either take a risk and or just spend your life like a scared person.

They offered me 2000$ and I did that on wager. With drowning heart, I asked; What I have to do?


My Thoughts, My Regrets, My Choice:

The strong winds outside reignited the cooling embers. Deep breath. I hold my head in my hands as I want to hide my blush of disaster. Regret, depression, anxiety, sadness all gloomy emotions tried to overcome my personality and I’m sinking into the darkness.

Why did I do that? I can’t let me out of that trauma.

“I regret those times when I have chosen the dark side. I have wasted enough time not being happy.” (Jessica Lange).

Young age is full of emotions and youngster’s personality is stirrer with impulsive rash behavior means sometimes they are not afraid of consequences. Even the society, especially the company doesn’t let you think for your family even for a single moment. I did the same. I did the same.

Flashback… Yes, Brat…Its time to prove yourself and it would be great fun. No one is here, no one is going to notice anything. I neglected the fact of a stranger’s emotions. They bet that they will pay me 2000$.

There was a car behind us with an old age couple. We wonder at this age they were traveling in this desert area. I sped up my car at 150 m/hr and stopped at some distance. I jumped out of my car, with a heroic attitude and sam suddenly shifted to driving the wheel. I was given a task to stop them and made an excuse for any need. John and Sam boosted me up. John asked me that they will join me later after parking the car a litter farther from this place.

I did what they instructed me and luckily got a chance to burst a needle in the rare wheel of their car. I was causing trouble for those old people in peak summer days. How would they travel was seemingly none of my business.

I didn’t think wisely and fell in the ditch with my own will. And I paid the heavy price for what I had done with those innocent people.


Life is not a Fairy-tale, It’s Indeed a Bitter Truth:

I started to run faster to catch them. I ran for around 2 hours continuously on a deadly silent road. No sign of my car and my so-called friend. A bunch of thoughts started to jingle in my mind. An intense feeling of guilt sinking my heart. What I have done with those innocent people? Did Sam and John deceive me for the sake of money?

My mom. She must be so worried about me. “The feeling of not being with your dear ones forever takes your breath away”. Yes, I love my mom but I never thought about the consequences.

My mom used to say; “Love is the emotional attachment, understanding and great affection.” She was true. Far away from my home, the only sincere person loved unconditionally in this entire world was my mom.

What she would be thinking about his stupid act of her son? A bundle of questions aroused in my mind.

My palpitation fast enough, my vision blurred and my step random…I didn’t get myself composed and fall down.

John and Sam stole my car. It was all preplanned by them. It was the biggest shock for me. They betrayed me. I wanted to scream and cry how they could do this to me.


Learn from Your Mistakes:

I fell down on a pointed large stone and got a head injury. The old-age couple who got trouble because of me picked me up when they saw blood on my head. I remained in a coma for 8 days and miraculously opened my eyes and remember my mom.

I was staring at the walls of the hospital room and ark clouds of embarrassment covered my thoughts.

With trembling hand, I wrote the phone number of my mother on a piece of paper. The couple helped me in the time of need and I can’t even look into their eyes because of my feeling of guilt.

I narrated them what we planned that day. I wander its been three days passed and my mom didn’t come to see me. The couple said they forgave me for what I have done, though, they suffered a lot in the lonely desert and then two boys came out of nowhere like an angel for us and helped them.

In the wheelchair, I entered into room number 303 where I saw my mother laying on the bed. I could see her in deep pain because of me as she got a heart attack when she found me missing. River of tears flooded from my eyes. Doctors told me the only a miracle can bring her back to life.

I hold my mother’s hand and requested her to come back for her son. “Mom, you always used to say that, son you are my lifeline”. Come back to me, please.

That day I promised myself to act wisely and be very selective in making friends. That incident changed my entire life. I learn from that worst mistake.

Present-day… I came out of my apartment and went to the hospital. When I enter into the room no. 303, I saw doctors and nurses gather around my mother. My heart skipped a beat. I felt overwhelming happiness when seeing my mother stable. It’s a miracle. Doctors said. I hugged my mother.

I realized the relationships are so precious in your life. I became conscious regarding all my acts as I don’t want to lose my mother again.

Sara Shahid.

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