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I Fell For You


Hey boy, yes you, one with naughty eyes

I fell for you, at your very first glimpse,

I fell for you like the autumn leaves,

The moment I laid my eyes on you,

I fell for you for your everything..

When you look at me with your oceanic eyes,

Chill shivers goes down my spine,

With that touch of smile at your corner lips,

U have blown my mind like a summer breeze.

I fell for you, oh yes I did,

I fell for you for your everything..

You r my lifeline I always say,

With a blink of an eye took my heart away..

Did I ever tell you how much I feel,

Morning, noon, night every single day,

That you make me feel so much alive,

And I fell for you for your every thing

Your arms wrapped around me you hold me tight,

I still feel the warmth of your gentle breath,

The touch of your lips so soft on my eyes,

Millions kisses that you shower on me,

In love with you, I fell for you,

Baby, I fell for you for your everything.