I Feel Invisible: A Poem

by D Shannahan

I'm invisible out here;

Just enough of an eye sore

To hear "Get the hell out of here."

I woke up this morning to a cop looking at me.

Then another two in an SUV, one of them said to me:

"You can't be sitting here staying dry. Get your ass out of here and kiss your dryness goodbye."

I got a eye sore, I know we all born to die...

But I'm dying out here not a good reason why and they hate me.

I couldn't even get a little weed to put my mind at ease.

'Cause you on your hustle, and you just can't be...

...A friend to a depressed kid without a penny.

They call me a bitch, yeah they call me a pussy.

Cuz I ain't got no money, no cred, or no family.

Last week I slept in some bamboo trees.

Awoke with the smell of piss all over me.

On Market street;

Someone dropped a sign it almost hit me

In the face,

A construction sign it flattened my display for spare change and clipped my leg.

I awoke and felt "I think I'd rather sleep in a grave",

At least then I'd get some peace,

Have no people just watching me;

Just judging me...

Now I'm out here on the Ave soaked the rain washing me.

Lit a cigarette and let the chemicals I breathe

Relieve 1 percent of my misery...

Damn I had some good dreams last night...

A girl I had a crush on in High School grabbed my hand

Said "I'll make you feel right."

Damn I wish I could swap my dreams for real life.

Somethin tells me this ain't as real as I'd like...

...To believe... Heart beating fast

With anxiety.

Oh good Lord please, please deliver me from the American Dream.

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