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I Am Hungry For Knowledge

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Delighted And Intrigued

I am so grateful

For the opportunity to seek and learn

To open my mind

We grow up learning

Then somewhere along the way

We slow down or even stop wanting to learn

I think we want to be entertained instead

Soon we form a pattern and a routine

The longer we continue this cycle

The harder it is to have the desire to continue

Even small changes aren't enough

We simply flow back to what is familiar and easy

Slowly fading away from all the benefits of reading

People don't notice or care to intervene

Because they might be fighting their own battle

With the drive of t.v. and movies to give you a great escape

With easy instant access

Where books have to be picked up and physically held

You have to think

With television you can stay passive

Soon you might want to grab your pillow

Curl up with a blanket and hide

To numb every sense

It is up to us to take a stand

I say quietly to myself then later out loud

I choose not

To think without a thought

To go through life without a care

I want to see the trees turn colors and later go bare

For fall is here

A wonderful time of beauty

If we don't discover it

It will pass us by

Next year the seasons will change again

Will we hide away where no one can see us ?

I'd rather rejoice and celebrate

Seeing and feeling the excitement

So later someone else will read what I so carefully wrote

A tree stands tall next to other trees yet seems so small

Until this tree falls

Then the sound you will hear

Will echo in your ears

Startle you with fear

Make you want to run

Far away from here

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