"I Am From": A Personal Poem About Myself

Updated on May 22, 2017

I am from naps in the Living Spaces recliner.
From Nintendo DS games and computer mainframes.
I am from the Tuscany inspired yellow walls
The scent of fresh Italian food.
I am from the aloe vera plants.
The whomping willow trees in front of the house.

I’m from baskets on May 1st and wavy, curly, unruly hair.
From Kelly Damewood and Michael Hillig Jr.
I’m from playing with cats and strong voices,
And from Big Bang Theory marathons.

I’m from it is what it is and keep moving forward, but never forget,
and don’t stop believing.
I’m from nutty pineapple dump cakes at the end of February.
I’m from Riverside and Germany,
Authentic Italian style alfredo and pizza.
From my sister breaking windows
Just to test out her pitching arm for the next little league season.
The handmade Williamsburg bridge made by my late grandfather,
Above the small window and instilled in my heart.

I am from treasure and tragedy, love and family,
From the Bohemian Forest and Black Forest of Germany,
To the classic, academic and technological city of Riverside,
and the morale to keep moving forward, but never forgetting.


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