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Fear and Pain- Love Stories.

Is the risk really worth the shot?- love stories


'What do you fear the most?' My female best friend asked me.

Her question threw me into a whirlpool of thoughts.

'is it the fear of losing you?' Or 'is it the fear of not being able to confess my love to you?', I wondered.

'You can be honest with me', she confirmed.

'you say your fear first' I revolted on her.

'umffhhh.I guess I have the fear that I'm not worthy ' she replied.

'Hell NO. You are precious to me.' I said.

'oh really? You think that?' she said. ' Then why don't you like me? what's stopping you to like me?'

'I never said I didn't like you' I said.' I was fearful to confess something'

'What is it? You can confess now' she asked.

'I wanted to confess that I like you, I like you every bit of you, I like when we spend time together alone. I love you.' I said.

'Aww, I love you too. I was waiting for this moment she replied.

We hugged and kissed each other in silence.

'Yes, the risk is really worth a shot.' I thought.

In a world full of people, I found my soulmate as my friend, my best friend, my everything

Is love worth the pain?-savage love


Folded and unfolded,

Crushed my heart zillion times

To be so-called flawless,

Neither they nor I knew I was blameless.

Retrograding and disowning self.

Each time I extend and unfold,

I assumed I had cleansed,

Neither they nor I knew I was

Leaving the footprint behind.

Each time I gather together

I fixed and repaired all the broken windows.

I feel I add wings to the soul.

And a false hope to fly high

In the direction of the breeze.

Towards you........just like a paper plane.

Each and every dawn I collect

My thoughts in my head,

I write, strike and rewrite.

Every word goes through

The ultimate assembly,

Inked on only after approval

The letters,

The words,

The phrases,

And the sentences...

All aligned in perfection

To reach your ears.

The paper planes fly to you

With all those words within

But neither I nor they knew,

Before they reach you,

They shatter in between.

Bury deep inside the ground

Just like my feelings...

© 2021 P Ali Altaf Khan

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