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Humans, Social Media and Trust!

Martian Manhunter from DC.


Darok The Martians Musings.

I have not written on my observations of your species for a while. My life continues, on the pretence that I am one of you. With an ordinary human family and a humdrum life. For those of you who follow my musings, you will be familiar with my observations and my opinions on your species.

One thing I cannot but notice, your obsession with social media. Everywhere I go, I see someones face buried in their device. It seems these devices have robbed you of interaction with the natural world. You miss much though you do not realise, when you are typing away on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

While you are messaging or passing opinions on someone's post, you miss much, the natural world has to offer. Yes, you have genuine friends on social media, perhaps even people you once knew and are glad to be in contact with again. But, close relationships with family and friends can be destroyed or ruined by social media.

Your species always has had a tendency to stab others in the back, especially when they least expect it. Social media has added fuel to the fire when it comes to this.

Marriages have been ruined by a spouse speaking to someone on social media, friendships ruined, peoples reputations and careers destroyed. Long ago, in our history too, aeons ago, in fact, we made the same mistakes as you are today, but we learnt to value true relationships in the end. Yes, technology was and is still an important part of our lives, but we learned to value the real company of others and live more spiritually.

I see arguing over this thing Brexit, over football teams, while your world is being destroyed by your activities upon this world. Fracking, why, when you have renewable energies? It is largely about materialism and greed. You have documentaries where you speak of robots replacing workers and yet you higher the retirement age so, in the end, no one will live to see their retirement.

Until you humans, turn a corner as we did, on Mars, you will forever be in this mess. Some of you at least, are realising this and trying to do something about it, but ultimately will your leaders listen?

First Alien Visitor: Cigar Shaped Object, Oumuamua.


Alien Ship or Large Asteroid.

It was a while ago, now, when a large cigar-shaped object, entered our solar system, it was Christened in Polynesian, 'Oumuamua'. The object was thought to have travelled from another solar system to reach ours.

The origin of this peculiar object, was of course, unknown, and it may have been journeying through space for a long amount of time.

Speculation among scientists and the media was rife as to what it could be? Of course, the answer was easy, it was just a large asteroid, journeying through our solar system. However, others were more adventurous, in their ideas.

Some speculated it could be an alien craft, observing our solar system, before passing on its way. Signals were sent out to contact said craft, however, no response was received (as far as we know).

Whatever the origin of this mysterious visitor, and whatever it was, it sailed harmlessly by, our world, leaving our solar system, just had it had arrived. The object was travelling at tremendous speed and seemed to pick even more speed as it left our galactic neighbourhood. For those speculating about Oumuamua being an alien vessel, the speeding up of the object, as if being directed by an intelligence, will be exciting.

Now a new object has been spotted entering our solar system, it has a tail and it is thought, to be a comet, from outside our domain of worlds. Some say the object, is travelling very fast and is reminiscent, of 'The Fantastic 4' movie, 'Rise of The Silver surfer'. Some have joked the tail spiralling behind the supposed comet, are the exhausts of an interstellar vessel.

As much as one would love to say this could be a friendly alien craft (unless it threatens us!), in the end, it will probably be, a comet.

However, if the universe is teeming with life, then surely one day, as in Star Trek 'First Contact' (When Vulcans announced themselves to humans) contact with an alien race will be made (If it has not already).

Most UFOs can be explained, misidentified natural phenomena, aircraft known and unknown, etc. However, there is a group of sightings that remain unexplained.

It would appear according to MUFON and others, UFO sightings and indeed alleged interaction with aliens, is on the up, make of that what you will.

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