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Humanity: I Dispair.


It has been a while, since I last communicated my thoughts, on here. I see much goodness in your kind, yet, I also see the evil of what your species is capable of.

Your species stumbles from one crisis to another. And why is this? It is because you cannot help yourselves. You seek satisfaction in materialistic nonsense which offers short-term fulfillment. Then, You move on, to the next thing and so it goes.

You behave as if the pandemic has gone away, it has not. It will develop another variant and as much as you humans, wish to express your freedom, you must also be aware of this. Cynical governments around this world, will also, use this as a rod with which to beat and control human populations.

You are a species locked in your animalistic behavior. This is why you will always have wars and other disputes, however, minor. This goes from supporting your sports teams, neighbour disputes, or wars, such as Ukraine-Russia. This has been your history for thousands of years, until, you change and live in harmony with the planet and the other beings, (you refer to as animals), this is how it will be.

Once more, I look back on my own Martian history and remember that we were once like you. The difference is after all the disasters we Martians suffered, we paid a heavy price for our transgressions against the natural order and the Creator of the universe. The few of us that were left, turned a corner and learned to live in harmony with Him. We live now more spiritually which has taken our species to a whole new higher level of evolution. Our technology is such, that we can be anywhere, at any time, we can be in many places at once. I am not even going to explain how this is possible, your species would not be capable of taking it in. You are so wrapped up in your screens and in your own little worlds, you scarcely think about other life forms elsewhere. I can be on your Earth, and on Mars, at the same time, that is all, I will say.

Your rovers and orbiters crawl across and circle our planet. You study our world and yet you still do not and will never grasp our world. We can, as I have said before, confuse your primitive technology and feed it false images that are sent back to your Earth. Occasionally, we will allow you to see the surface of our planet, in all its dry, cold, devastating glory. Life and the things that sustain it long ago disappeared from the surface of our world. That was due to our activities, (much like your own on Earth today), and natural disasters. Today, we live deep underground living out our lives, also, where other species flourish. Of course, you will never discover this. Your Elon Musk speaks of colonizing Mars. You need to sort out your own world first, I understand, the need to seed your species on other worlds. We did the same in our early history on other worlds in this solar system and beyond. However, that was another time in our history and is not relevant in the way it was to us.

Even if we allowed you to colonize our world, we can make it look like our world is dead. Or we could reveal ourselves, but I doubt, you would understand us. We will continue to observe and see how you perform.

I see your armed forces belonging to the nation known as the US, has released, footage of what you call: UFOs/UAPs. I will tell you now, some of those crafts are ours and others not. Your governments, however, around the world are working on aerial vehicles that if you saw them you would be astounded. You would also, think, that they do not come from Earth. Your governments have captured downed UFOs as you call them. They have attempted to build and develop these crafts, with mixed success. However, none of these downed crafts were ours. These small beings piloting them, are what you call the Greys. Their origins are beyond this solar system and we continue to monitor their activities.

Once more, humans, I will take my leave of you. I wish your planet and your species well, for you surely, need it.

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