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Beating the Odds!

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


James Hugh was a man who struggled to leave behind his painful childhood, but the ghosts of his past would not allow him. He conducted himself as a guy who knows it all, and he is wrong often enough to keep the people in his life laughing. His parent did not adequately love him, so they placed him in foster care. Hugh was a guy that got bored quickly with anything that did not relate to drama or crimes.

Hugh desired to be an actor who can get away from the 9 to 5 jobs. But he had no such luck, so he tried everything to create his dream job. He tried being a cab driver, that did not work because he occurred three accidents. As a fast-food cook, he got fired for eating the food. Hugh served as a warehouse worker, but that was too tiresome, and he quit after the first week. He landed a job as a janitor, but he did a bomb job cleaning the school. Hugh became a social media specialist, but his way of creating and publishing content got the organization sued. He was back in search of a new career.

One might say Hugh’s lack of stability and maturity where he cannot stabilize a job could continue with him not having a parent who may at one moment be present to meet his need. Perhaps, he struggles with some major feelings that he is unlovable. A fear of abandonment can appear very painful. Many people grow up with fears of abandonment that affect their future.

Hugh’s parents placed him in foster care at three. A loving couple adopted him on his fifth birthday. The moment they saw James, they fell in love with him. They were elderly and felt they had a lot of love to shared with a child. Hugh was so cared for, and he had a chance of taking his life back. Especially after being labeled as a troubled child. Only at eleven, just as Hugh was gaining an understanding of his life, his parents were in a car accident where they died. He places back in foster care. He remained until the age of eighteen, where he faces a world full of heartaches.

Hugh was released from foster care to live his life. He was so in needing of love. Hugh did not have a family to greet him. And he did not fit into the program they placed him into to prepare him for the real world. He hit the director he felt did not treat him right and went to jail three days into the program. Upon arrival, Hugh meets an older guy named Dollar bills. He was bad news. Yet Hugh idolized him.


Hugh desired to be just like Dollar Bill. He was a clever man. One who uses his knowledge to con his way into whatever he wishes to happen. Dollar Bill was the owner of a dry cleaner as a front to sell drugs and needed a man he could trust to take over the business. He saw a bit of himself in Hugh, so he was just the man for the job. Dollar Bill was knowledgeable enough to get Hugh released on bail early to use him on the outside world to do his dirty work. He hires Hugh to manage his business to be his eyes and ears. Dollar Bill trains Hugh the way to be fascinating from the get-go.

There was only one thing dollar bill did not embark upon, and that is when he sends Hugh to college to get a degree in business, he was making a mistake of a lifetime. Nine million African American males will never go to college. He sends Hugh with the intention to make him seem too educated to organize a life of crime. Only he taught him he is smart enough to be whomever he wants to be.

Representing himself as an educated entrepreneur, Hugh meets a woman named Lala. She was beautiful, outspoken, intelligent, and a lover of money. They hit it off and begin spending a lot of time together. For a little over seven years, Hugh was riding high and making money. But living in the shadows of a man that he grew to dislike was affecting his abilities. He stayed only one step ahead of the law and became increasingly paranoid and potentially destructive as his world of crime unraveling took its toll on his personal life.

The love of his life gave him an alternative to becoming his own man, get from under a guy who not good for him. Hugh felt torn as to whom to choose. He wanted to show the man he devoted that showed love to him in his time of need. Yet Lala was the love of his life, and he did not want to lose her. He questions himself, was I capable of being the man I am today? Not sure of the answer, so part of him wanted to remain loyal to Dollar Bill. And the other half wanted to change from a life of crime.

Lala picks up how torn Hugh was, so she said to him. “I can only imagine what it is like being in your shoes, wanting to alter your career and unsure if you should walk away from a guy, you feel you owe. Only you have to be the man you desire to be, and I know that must be one of your biggest challenges since you feel Dollar Bill made you who you are today.” “But it does not have to be this way.” “What is it you want in a career?” Hugh wanted to become an actor; Lala gave him the courage to go on his first casting call to become a performer. Something he always wanted to do. He nailed the audition and lands the role, and from that day, his life changed in a way he would have never imagined.


Hugh was successful as an actor and was present with an opportunity to turn his life into a narrative film. He was so excited and accepted. He works closely with the writer and producer to put everything together to film when he receives word Lala was found dead in her home. Hugh did not know that Lala’s death was an attempt by Dollar Bill to stop him from putting out a documentary about drugs, and crimes. He felt it would affect him and his business. Lala was not a drug user, but the way she died. It looks as if she overdosed on drugs. It devastated Hugh. He could never imagine losing the love of his life to an overdose from drugs. That deeply pained him and angered him enough to know he had to rid himself of Dollar Bill and the business.

Hugh thought about Lala's plea to him to give up living in the shadow of a crime boss. He even reminisces back to the conversation he shared with Dollar Bill, how he was in love, and she warns him to change careers. Hugh put two and two together to figure out Dollar bills put a hit out on Lala's life. He blames himself, and his mission is to bring down Dollar bills and his entire crew.

Hugh was not sure how or what it would take to free himself of a jail sentence, but he knew he had to make sure that Dollar Bill NEVER gets out of prison and all his associates join him. He did not want to face Dollar Bill ever again, so began researching to put the plan in motion. He even spoke to an attorney who had a good friend that works on the police force that team with him. Hugh shared with them they had to tread softly because Dollar Bill had people of every career in his pockets. His money bought out people for sale in high places.

Hugh knew a lot about Dollar Bill. He took the time to study him, as there was a time when he thought he wanted to be just like him. Hugh is ahead of Dollar Bill because he spends his entire life embracing dangerous situations. While, Dollar Bill starts as a teenager, and he gave Hugh the advantage when he showed him all he knows. At least, Hugh hopes he showed him his life and tricks.

Things become so bad for Hugh that he feels like his life locked him in a battle between good and evil, with no less than fate resting in the balance. If you know nothing, Hugh is a confused schizophrenic with violent tendencies, who many believe is crazy, but he is not, just misunderstood. From birth, Hugh never received the chance he deserved in the world. Only as an adult, he’s responsible for building the life that best for him. Now he teams up with guys who he needs their help, but they draw upon the power of his past lives.

Can Hugh trust Michael and Leroy? They are the two guys he teams up with to ensure Dollar bill never sees the dawn of daylights again. Both guys ask for evidence to prevent Dollar bill from getting out of jail and proof to serve a warrant to lock up his crew. But will they do their job, or will they cross Hugh and cost him his life? Hugh is not an amateur, a person who will trust and not research the person to cover his behind. When Dollar Bill hired Hugh to operate his organization, the first thing he explained to him was to check behind a person to ensure you never leave yourself open for defeat.

After investigating his team, Hugh turns over proof dollar bills and his crew is a danger to society. Each party arrested went to trial, and a juror found them guilty of murder, dealing drugs, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The verdict came in just before 5:45 p.m. After nearly nine hours of deliberations. Is this the end of Hughs’ trouble? Well, maybe it is or not, but one thing for sure: he feels like justice served, and he decided to move forward to live his life doing what he loves, being an actor. There was a time when he struggled to find his place in the world. Hugh receives rejection in so many ways, but what matters is he never gave up and although it was tough. And life is a gamble, he created his dream career to beat the odds.

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© 2021 Pam Morris

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