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How Water-Drops Got It's Revenge

Nazmun loves writing and watching movie and reading books. Now she wants to take a break and write for Hubpages.

I waste water when I take a bath, I waste water when I drink water, I waste water when I cook, I waste when I wash dishes. I do it when I wash clothes. But it didn't matter to me. I keep the water pipe open. Water keeps coming through the pipe. I have no feelings about wasting water. One of my friends says- why do you waste so much water? It is not right to waste water. There is very little potable water in the world. And you just waste water. Be a little careful about the water.

Fruit on a glass of water

Fruit on a glass of water

These are the words of my friend's advice. Meanwhile, my husband also prevented me from wasting water, he said, "You don't care about water at all," he said,"Look, it is not right to waste water. Another name for water is life. Can you imagine a day without water? No, you can't. We need water every day. If there is no water then you will understand the meaning of water. The importance of something can be understood only when it is lost."



This is my husband's statement. A few days ago my mother came to see my daughter Sajdah. She lives far away from here. Coming from so far away, she is very thirsty for water. So I let her drink potable water. She was paying close attention to my work. Noticing how I work?

Blue sea

Blue sea

Suddenly mother said- be careful Rima. You will not waste water. Listening to my mother's words, it seemed that if I wasted water, ghosts would come. There was fear and panic in her voice. My mother used to waste a lot of water. My father is a nature lover. My father used to get very upset when he saw such a wasteful attitude of my mother and would stop her from wasting water. But mother would not obey my father. She was happy to waste water. I also have the mentality of wasting water as my mother had. But suddenly my mother stopped wasting water. She was terrified. So she does not waste water. Rather frugal towards water. She is tying me up for that.

Sea Ray

Sea Ray

I also do not want to waste water. But the thing is water is wasted by me and that is natural. I can't change my nature. I sometimes quarrel with my husband about wasting water. I waste more water on the day of the quarrel. And I abuse the water. At night, when the husband was at home, we started arguing again about wasting water. My mother kept telling me that it is better to be good with water. Use water as much as you need. You don't need to waste, do you? Otherwise you can't imagine what water will do to you.

Love water, save water, don't waste it please.

Love water, save water, don't waste it please.

I was a little upset to hear this. At the end of the day. Mother sleeps with Sajdah. And I slept in another room arguing with my husband. When I was asleep in the middle of the night, I heard someone whispering, "All gentlemen and ladies, listen to me. Now is the time to teach this scoundrel a lesson or she will ruin us more. She will waste us more. Why are we late? Let's attack."

I woke up scared. There is no one. I think I am listening to these because my mother told strange and horrible water stories all day long. I took care of myself and went to sleep. Immediately I fell into a deep sleep. I felt as if something cold as ice was gripping me. Embraced well from all around. But I did not want to see it because I was in a deep sleep. My daughter woke me up screaming in prostration. She screams, "Dad, grandma, mom pissed in bed."

I was shocked to hear. I look at the feet. Ahhh really. Seeing that there was water in such a way, it seems that I really urinated. My husband and mother came and saw it. My husband was smiling mischievously and my mother was biting her tongue with her teeth in shame.

I asked anxiously, "I didn't urinate." But they did not believe me. My husband found another reason to annoy me.

My daughter Sajdah used to tell me that when she urinated in bed, I would beat her. Now I did the same thing, then will I beat myself?

I wanted to prove that they are not urine. They are water. No one believed.

I also have a fever today. I think I slept in the water all night. I was lying on the body with 104 fever. I remember yesterday my mother came and Sajdah was crying, saying that Sajdah would eat outside with us. I persuaded my husband to take me, mother and Sajdah out to eat at the restaurant. He agrees. Mother and Sajdah were very happy. I have a fever today so they can't go to eat. Again, I can't cook anything good. So I told my husband- I will not go. You take mother and Sajdah. Being food for me from there.It was noon when they went to the restaurant. They will go, eat and then bring food for me. How late! It will be so late. By then I think I will die of hunger.

I am very hungry so I go to cook rice without delay. If I eat rice and an egg fried I won't be hungry. I bought rice to cook . But water does not come in the pipe. Rice cannot be cooked without water. Meanwhile, the hunger increases and becomes much more. I can't stand to do anything. Throat became dry due to fever. I took a jug of water to drink. But there is no water in the jug. There may be water in the fridge. It is not advisable to drink cold water during fever. But now there is no other way. The soul is crying for water today. I didn't even get water in the fridge.

I thought there might be water in the bathroom pipe. So I went there. Bathroom water can also be drunk when there is a shortage of water. But there is no water in the bathroom. What happened to the water today? Why is there no water in the house? The water line is OK. But water does not come through pipes. I take a thick rod and insert it inside the pipe so that if there is anything, it goes away. Yet water does not come. Water is taking revenge from me as a result of wasting water every day?

Stomach aches due to hunger. I was also thirsty for water. There is no water in the house.

Suddenly, I saw a glass of water on the table. But just a moment ago this water was not on the table. Anyway, looking at the water, it seems that I have got something very expensive. Before I could take the glass of water in my hand, the glass moved away from me. Did I see something wrong? Why did the glass of water move away itself?

Let's catch up again. But again the glass of water moved away. In doing so, the glass comes to the edge of the table. How do I drink water if the glass of water is broken after falling on the floor? Can't drink water even after getting water?

How can I let it be! Before I could jump up and grab that glass of water, it literally landed on the floor. Ah water!

This time I continue to say nonsense about the water. Suddenly a lot of water came flying in the air in front of my eyes. The water turned into a ghost. Stood like a man. All bodies are in front of me like water but like ghosts. I kept wondering if I was seeing something wrong because of the fever. I shouted back and forth. Water tells me, "You just waste us. If we kill you, then you won't be here to waste us. We kill those who don't understand our value."

In fact, the droplets of water have become one and the same giant monster. I was shocked. I realised this water monster hugged me last night. As a result, I got a fever in the morning. Some drops of water come on the bed to embarrass me. Looks as I urinated. Because of this I was ashamed. Thirsty for water and not getting the water I need, I really suffer because of my negligence towards water. I have wasted a lot of water. Now I understand my mistake. I apologise to the water monster. But they will kill me. Then I started crying loudly. The water monster says, "We'll release you on one condition."

"What condition?"

"You will never waste us again."

"Well, I really won't waste you anymore."

"If you do, we will come back and never forgive and you know what after that? We will kill you."

Before afternoon my mother, my husband and Sajdah actually brought food for me. Since then they have noticed that I do not waste water anymore. Mom comes and asks me, "Has the water monster arrived?"

I was shocked. My mother suddenly stopped wasting water. That means the water monster had gone to her too.

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