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How One Obnoxious Guy Led to a Miracle for Juliette

Pic: Juliette

Pic: Juliette

Juliette excelled in her work at the office. Someone wanted to be her boyfriend. But she denied it. He felt insulted and started to spy on her with a spy camera from the office to her apartment. Things went on like this for some time. She felt she needed privacy. When nobody at the office lent her an ear, she quit work. The spying stopped, and her privacy was restored.

When the guy at the office spied on her, he left nothing unturned. He spied on her dressing corner and her restroom at home as well. She was furious, and that was an additional reason she resigned from work. Privacy meant a lot to Juliette, which no one at the office cared about. But they were not half as brilliant as her. They knew that also. The office knew that they were losing a valuable employee.

The office came to know everything, but they didn't bother to help her by punishing the guy in question. It was why Juliette was extremely infuriated with the office and refused to resume her duties back at the workplace.

Gradually Juliette started browsing sites on her laptop. She didn’t want to work in the city again because news traveled fast, and she would be the one who would be humiliated, not the guy.

Realizing the reality of her circumstances, she decided to write an academic guide, and she found a suitable place on the web to publish it, and she was so thankful to God that it soon became a success and very popular.

A free self-help eBook one day landed in the mailbox on her laptop. She downloaded it and read it. She found it interesting. More free self-help eBooks started arriving in her mailbox, and she read them all. She subscribed for free to even more self-help eBooks. Soon she realized it was a topic that interested her while back at the office, her field of expertise was IT-related.

She learned a lot about how to combat challenges, how to bounce back in life, how to be fit and healthy, and how to become a better and still better person.

She learned and practiced what she learned. In the process, she found peace, happiness, and joy. It was God's way of helping her out.

Soon Juliette realized Higher Powers were willing to help her. She went to the nearest church on Sundays and prayed from the core of her heart. In her prayers, she asked God to allow her to leave the country, go somewhere abroad and work safely.

Juliette had worked for years at her old workplace and earned a high salary from which she saved and invested. She could easily settle down in a place abroad with her savings and carry on with a job that spoke to her.

Seven long years passed away without enabling Juliette to take the first step. She wondered what it would be. She had done higher studies abroad, but she had no idea how to apply for work. She had elderly friends in the neighborhood, but they too were unable to help her in this regard. And then the miracle happened.

She was writing articles on self-help and computers and technology on a site online. They didn't pay her, but she continued as she enjoyed writing them. She had built a website also where she gave links to her online work. As she was from the IT niche, this was just a piece of cake for her, but it paid her off big times.

People liked her articles and her online work, which she assembled on her website. Lots of offers came from different sources for writing further articles for free, but she didn't approve of the idea. She was already doing a lot of online work for free and stayed dependent on her savings and investments. She would love to work abroad. But what should be her first step?

She questioned herself before falling asleep one night. Then she had strange incredible dreams, which she forgot when she woke up. After she freshened up and had breakfast, she checked her emails casually. One email, however, caught her eye with interest. The email said:

Hi Juliette,

You have been writing terrific online articles, which impressed me. I was especially intrigued by your article where you mentioned you would love to work abroad in your original field of expertise.

If you are interested in working in the IT sector of my company in Canada, I could give you a good job offer.

Let me know if you are willing by replying to this email.

All the best,

Steve Howard

Juliette jumped in joy. But second thoughts started pouring in. So, she emailed Steve, asking for his company's website and a convenient contact number where she could reach him. She had this information double-checked by her elderly friends in the neighborhood, and they verified the guy, weblink, and the company to be genuine.

Juliette replied ‘yes’ to Steve. Soon she was leaving for Canada. Her dream came out to be true after seven full years.

Pic: Juliette’s Husband, Steve and Son

Pic: Juliette’s Husband, Steve and Son

Little did she know she would find a home in Steve’s company, marry him and have a family with a prodigious son and live happily and harmoniously for years to come. The obnoxious guy back at Juliette’s country’s office did indeed lead her to an awesome miracle.

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