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Horror Story: Bridge Collapse

Scientific Research Fellow in University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Horror Story: Bridge Collapse

Once it was published in the local newspapers- Light Bridge Is Not Safe For Driving At Night. When local people read it, they got astonished. The story was a supernatural one. Long ago an unknown man was driving his car at night along the bridge. He was drunk. The break was not working. He suddenly lost control and fell from the bridge breaking the railing. He died on the spot. When the police arrived, there was nothing to do. His dead body was recovered from the broken car. It was blood red. He had received injury in his head. That dead man's spirit used to haunt regularly at night. But in the morning it was safe.

After going through the news Akash commented, 'It's nonsense. How can a dead person killed another three'! Badal voiced, 'The nature of all accidents are same. I think this is a conspiracy to malign the builders'. Chanchal uttered, 'This may be true, may not be. Let us test whether it's true or false'. The other two exclaimed together, 'Grand idea'! Chanchal added, 'Lets party tonight. After that we will go for a long drive'. 'Yeah'!

The Light Bridge was neither light in weight nor decorated with light posts. The name was derived from the Light Builders. The bridge was lit up by the sun during day and moon at night. It was built over a railway track. Usually goods trains used to move on the said track.

Chanchal was driving. He had drunk a bit less. The other two were sitting on the back. 'Stop Chanchal. Can you see someone is standing in the middle and requesting us to stop'. Akash said. 'You have drunk a lot. I can't see anyone'. Badal told, 'Drive fast Chanchal. Someone is chasing us from the back'. 'You have drunk a bit more than Akash. None is there in the mirror'.

Chanchal took speed. Suddenly the break stopped working. He lost control. Their car faced the same destiny. When the police arrived, they discovered that a car was buried under the collapsed bridge.

© 2022 Sankhajit Bhattacharjee

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