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Horror Fiction: Victoria Memorial

Scientific Research Fellow in University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Victoria Memorial

Five years back a man was found dead in the pond behind Victoria Memorial. Post-mortem report revealed that he was drunk. Whether he jumped himself or someone pushed him from back, is yet to be disclosed. Dr. Bera died while writing the report. He wrote only four words- Drowning of a drunkard. His post-mortem report revealed- Due to fear he suffered from cardiac arrest. Dr. Dhar did his post-mortem.

Roni was standing at the edge of a love triangle. He could not understand to whom he should marry. If he married to one, another's parents could scold him. Too much support and least control from the parental side can force their child to go astray.

Mr. and Mrs. Laha visited Victoria Memorial last evening. For an hour they enjoyed the soothing breeze of the pond. Mrs. Laha expressed, 'I am afraid'. 'This place is so beautiful, enjoy the moment'. Mr. Laha is also standing at the edge of a love triangle. Mrs. Laha has come to know recently. She is afraid of this. She threatened Mr. Laha few days back, 'I will disclose everything to everybody'. Mr. Laha assured, 'Darling, you are my first priority'.

Every night Mrs. Laha used to take anti-depressant pills. Last night was not an exception. After taking the pill, she went through hallucinations. She watched Mr. Laha's face. 'I will kill you. I love Merry more than you'. When Mr. Laha appeared in front, she watched Roni in him. 'I won't let anyone to lead a successful married life. I heard your conversation beside the pond. I stay under the pond'.

The police concluded, 'Mrs. Laha died due to drug overdose'. Mr. Laha was harassed initially but he proved himself innocent in the long run as in the vial there was Mrs. Laha's fingerprint only and she left a suicide note too.

© 2021 Sankhajit Bhattacharjee

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