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Horror Fiction: A Train Robbery

Scientific Research Fellow in University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

A Train Robbery

Smita was about to take her seat beside the window in a compartment of a special train. Here the term 'special' signified a train allotted for special purpose to control extra rush due to Durga Puja.

Smita was returning home with her hubby, Suresh and son, Joy on Maha Panchami. They had spent four days in her sister's residence at Asansol. Her brother-in-law was an engineer working in the post of a manager in Damodar Valley Corporation. Mr. and Mrs. Roy came to escort them. The sun was about to set.

Smita discovered that the chain of the baggage, she was carrying, was open. She put her hand inside. Something was missing. Inside the bag there were clothes, under the clothes there was a pair of shoes, under them there was 2 kg tamarind, under it there were gold ornaments and twenty thousand rupees. The most valuable thing was found missing. She got a scar mark on her left shoulder- someone injured her with a blade.

Smita heard Suresh's assurance, 'I am looking after the baggage, you go ahead'. But Suresh hardly accepted that he assured Sujata. 'You kept your hand on my left shoulder'. 'Never'. Joy was also on Suresh's side.

Three years back a man named Badu was carrying tamarind in his bag. He belonged to a poor community and earned his livelihood by selling tamarind. He accidentally slipped in the rail line. The train started running and he failed to escape. Then it was evening. Badu had a scar mark on his left shoulder- his brother had injured him with a blade when he was three years only.

Mr. Roy wanted Smita to take train from Asansol, never from Damodar, as he had heard about the gang of female robbers. Mr. and Mrs. Roy left when the train was announced. Their little girl, Sana was with the attendant.

Suresh commented, 'The gang reached here'. 'May be'. Smita was trying to come down from the compartment. The train started moving. Suresh caught hold her hand.

© 2021 Sankhajit Bhattacharjee